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I've always been a fan of reality television and even when i've popped in and out of survivor and big brother i've always been watching reality television and that's mostly because i'm interested in social dynamics and that's one of the reasons why i'm so drawn to the quote unquote romance shows it's because it portrays a really interesting set of relationship dynamics that i find super compelling what kind of dynamics do you feel like they tend to portray interesting so i like in in the bachelor obviously the focus is you know in the bachelor specifically man trying to find a women a woman out of twenty five to thirty women and it's interesting to see who certain guy will like i love to see when there's a final three and they're all super difference like why is this person attracted to this person and this person this person not you know this person or whatever but recently what i really come to enjoy is the interpersonal relationships between the women in the house i find that all almost more interesting than the main couple themselves because i love seeing the friendships form in the super weird environment where they're all competing for the same guy but they're still able to develop real meaningful friendships through all the craziness yeah i mean we talk about the weird dynamics of being on survivor or on big brother where you're alternately competing to eliminate everyone to win a large amount of money but the dynamics for a show like the bachelor are even crazier because like the the jealousy that you'd normally have for the person that you are interested in showing interest in somebody else is like i don't even i don't think i could ever do that like not not even just like be on the job at like half to deal with other people who i know are competing for the same person that i'm interested in and like are they making out with that person that's crazy.

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