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Did you think for a minute? It was Tom Selleck. No. Views and right away. I go. Oh my gosh. He was Monica's boyfriend. Realize? They're nowhere near the same age scary. Thank you scary thought. It was always got them confused. Eighty two. He didn't seem that old when he was in France. Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds their their worlds away from each other. Both have that mustache they evacuated to is. Now, Tom Selleck, you know, he's still he's still working actor is he on that show. Donnie wahlberg? What's that show? Okay. But I thought he was Burt Reynolds. Was going to be your horoscopes. I which one of you wants to do horoscopes with me let Sandra today who starts you kick it off. All right today. If it's your birthday, you're celebrating your birthday with Leslie Jones. I love Leslie Jones, by the way. Kappa corn? Sometimes you have to pinch yourself because what is around us seems too good to be true. It's not you deserve it. Enjoy your days nine aquaria. Some new information is coming your way that will cause a new focus of interest embrace the change eight Pisces anything that's been unclear will soon be clarified the best way. To learn about yourself is to confront your fears. Your day is a nine areas don't bottle up your concerns. It's freeing to get things out in the open your days and eight Taurus shy your light into the darkness. Taurus, you need to create something new. That's true to you. You're as a nine Gemini, you have many tasks to get done decide. What's important, and what you can skip friend later time. You're eight cancer. Whatever today throws at you. Welcome it with open arms, go with the flow. It'll all work itself out your days at ten halio is your yourself. But don't take everything you hear at face value. Expect the unexpected you're never take anything at face value take for but value. Exactly. Virgo something is lighting you up. Like never before. Whatever it may be keep your aim true. Because love is everywhere you go. What does that mean? I don't know that I'll take Virgo your days at eight. All right, leave right. Your mind is likely to be going at thousand miles an hour. So many new ideas, we'll come about. So make sure to write them all down your days, a seven Scorpio. You have a tendency to be a little paranoid. But check the fax..

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