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Remember when you drove a you mentioned earlier on the interview high energy gushing with passionate fairly obvious that you bring that same attitude to your team as an owner director. No doubt. Oh, I absolutely. I think that my my, you know, look anybody could drive a car really fast more two or three laps. You know when the tire there and the tires got grip. It works when the tire start going away. Then you start really seeing how the chassis works. And how the dynamics starts to you know, play out. I always found that, you know, with my background being somewhat more of a technical background understanding thing, you know, I used to build remote control cars when I was a little kid. I kind of understand the way things work really tapping into the technical side and making the car work for me. Like, I don't wanna be the one working too hard wheel. This thing around you know, because that gets dangerous to. You know, what I've always done in. What Ian Keith always taught me since I was a teenager. Like, listen. Let's let's let's run the cars, you know, like as sketches possible. And let's try to find as much grip. You know, you're not going to be the fastest. And you might have a little blow to your ego verse day or two when comes qualifying. We're gonna strap on new tires put them down for us in this thing. And that's how the Willis's, you know, kind of have cultivated their drivers, you know, they give good cars, and they make them understand. Like what it is that the car is doing what he's just do. It's explained it very well Andrews, I mentioned we have known you an awful long time. We've charted your career right from the start basically the very best of luck with this new IMSA GT d effort with Sullivan Vassar starting with the Rolex twenty four Daytona. Listen what we will chat again soon. I promise we won't leave it so long next time. I I appreciate it. And you know, we need all the luck. We could get because you know, believe it or not this is a lot of it has to do with luck too. So we'll will wish for the best. Pleasure. Andrew. Thanks so much for this. And we'll chat again soon, buddy. Think. Bye bye Andrew Ordine back with us on racing radio..

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