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See don't you understand the workers will be able to accomplish what kellogg's wasn't able to accomplish capitalism is evil when private entities own the means of production evil well actually the workers own the means of production therefore opposite of evil i think it's really entertaining he actually says it's unconstitutional and illegal for kellogg's to say we're going out of business you can't once you open a business in venezuela you can't go out of business or else we'll throw you in jail and seize your on tuesday workers had said that they were prevented from entering the plant in the city of mara maarakeh the announcement comes ahead of sunday's presidential elections maduro told cheering supporters in the central state of kara bobo we've begun judicial proceedings against the business leaders of kellogg's because their exit is unconstitutional i've taken a decision to deliver the company to the workers in order that they can continue producing for the people venezuela's battered economy has been hit by falling oil revenue and the plummeting value of the currency the bulevar it also has one of the highest rates of inflation in the world right which has not actually been calculus embargo against them now by the united states there has been for many years kellogg has the latest multinational company to close or scale back operations in venezuela citing strict currency controls a lack of raw material and soaring inflation said it hoped to return to venezuela in the future and warned against cells of its brands without the express authorisation of the kellogg company so kellogg is pulling intellectual property to prevent cornflakes for being sold as kelloggs cornflakes.

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