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A month but don't worry we're going to pay you fifteen thousand dollars a month by what yeah because we have to costcontrol because the government out but you're gonna get a pension but but i have a house and i have payments novel but but what oh yeah yeah so all of a sudden you gonna have the good experience doctors taking care of the people who've got money and the people who you claim they care about so much the poor that downtrodden the ones who cannot fend for themselves are going to be stocked with the inexperienced and the incompetent it's going to be a pack law canada released some of their findings about a week or two ago over how long it is to see a doctor for a routine visit wait times or in weeks not ours depending on where you are in what providence you're looking at several weeks to a year and if you need a new replacement i would palm springs we have snowbirds you know what they do they come down here in november and they spend the first couple of weeks getting their stuff that they need taking care of taken care of and in cash brittany replacement or a new here because they know they'd be waiting for years up there all wouldn't cost them a dime but still they don't want to talk about that that's the thing they don't want to talk about it is but swiss of funny it's like they have to know right you can't beat that stupid you would like to think they're not but maybe i'm giving them too much credit maybe they are that stupid like i look at the republicans thank you think of that stupid i know you've shown this to all of these lobbyists i know they've seen this bill i know they've gone through it i know they help you crafted i know all of that stuff it's the same thing they did with obamacare i know that we all know that so don't tell me you care but you can't be that stupid elizabeth warren and the and the likes of you who think that all of a sudden you've got people who are.

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