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To save lives, and they lose their jobs. In fact, a 1,000,000 1/2 across the country held public employees already have the $3 trillion measure includes additional federal aid for state and local governments and another round of direct payments to eligible Americans. It also includes more money for testing and liability protections for workers. Congressional Republicans say the packages too big. They're expected to pass their own measure by the end of the month. On Wall Street. The Dow was up 227 points at the close today. This's NPR The governor of Oklahoma has coded 19. Republican governor Kevin Stead, who has supported one of the nation's most aggressive re opening plans, is the first governor to test positive for the virus state attended President Trump's rally in Tulsa last month. An event that health officials say likely contributed to an increase in the number of new Corona virus infections in the city. South Korean officials are opening an investigation into a sexual harassment accusations against the former mayor of Seoul. Jason Strother reports Pa Kwan soon was found dead from apparent suicide last week after a staffer filed a complaint with police. The Seoul Metropolitan government says it will look into the allegations made by a still unidentified city hall secretary. Officials were initially reluctant to launch a probe but came under pressure from women's rights groups. The city says it will conduct an investigation that includes outside advocacy organizations. South Korean police dropped their investigation following Park one soon's death. The alleged victim told advocates that the late mayor inappropriately touched her and texted explicit photos for four years. Park was a long time human rights advocate and a presidential hopeful. For NPR News. I'm Jason Strother in Seoul Stocks traded higher today. On Wall Street, the Dow up 227 points. The NASDAQ Up 61 D S and P Up 29..

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