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I'm jim taylor skinner and mrs the electorate a couple of months ago i attended a local event called ask aqap the intention was that ordinary citizens could talk to members of the police force and we could ask questions about policing obviously the goal was to make connections between everyday citizens and the police i met several female police officers and one of them started to talk to me about women in the criminal justice system and all of the unique ways policing effects women she also talked about drug addiction you know i think about a lot of issues and held a uniquely effect to women and frankly this is one that i didn't know much about so this led me to the book addicted to rehab who was written by sociology professor allison we kept the book examines the process of rehabilitation in relation to race gender and socioeconomic status professor we can compares chew treatment programmes one which is linked to a criminal justice system and one that is it we also discussed the idea of women's centre treatment and the ways in which treatment is often intertwined with gender in racial stereotypes so without further ado here is professor allison professor ellison the can welcome thank you for having me and your book addicted to rehab you described to drug treatment centres for women in one is the women treatment services or wts in the other as gladstone lodge and they both serve quite different demographics of women can you just set the stage by describing the two centres and talk a bit about the demographics that they cater to yes so women's treatment services or w tests for short is in the criminal justice system and gladstone lodge is in the health care system and what i mean by this is that wts is funded almost entirely by criminal justice agencies like parole and drug courts and it gets its clients through those kind of referral mechanisms meanwhile gladstone lodge is a health care insurance based rehab and so like most rehab 's it's in in the private sector.

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