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Before the break we were talking about so jeeze adventures on the board reclamation cube that the Romney linzer running so at this point. We know that. So Jianhe you are going to see Rhonda a former Borg drone who is also Romulo. So as they walk into this area. You can see that. It is protected by guards and a four shield as well and that they are very much keeping them in there before shield us. Keep the expert drones kind of contained but they also are just mostly milling about in their their barely. Functional it kind of gives you the impression of a psych ward. That's portrayed on screen where a lot of folks are very much non responsive so in that way we can see that. There's there's not a lot going on here but comparatively Rhonda is a little bit higher functioning. She's playing with some type of toy or like a card system. It looks a little bit like Tarot but they are triangle shaped and it tends to form a hexagonal pattern. If I'm correctly recalling that as she builds it out so I really like that system that they have made for that and how it also reminds me of the board cube themselves how all those pieces are fitting together to make a greater whole from the sum of its parts so when she is looking at that so T- sits down and starts talking to her and tries to speak with her in her native language as well to establish more of a connection and so JI says that the Rhonda and the other exports may be partaking in a shared narrative framework for understanding their trauma rooted in deep architects but as relevant as the day's news so she refers to it as the news which I feel we may see that repeated further down the line as we get through the rest of this season so she's trying to process this information but Rhonda's suddenly kind of snaps a little bit so she's still doing the Tarot while so g is talking to her and explaining her ideas and concepts of what she's getting from Rhonda to Hugh who's standing by watching but he was not trained in anthropology the same way that so g is so she's letting him know what she's finding especially since he is also over her and since he is the head of the board program he is able to give her permission to be in there but he still was ranked quite a bit higher than her so she would have to report it to him anyway. So she's telling him in real time. And so Jesus like okay. So it's like the news but it's also you know the shared Borg Framework. So that's really helpful for them so there still may be somewhat connected even though we've taken out a lot of their implants so she starts the process this and then Rhonda snaps a little bit and start freaking out. And she's I remember you from tomorrow and so do you like what is happening and starts asking these crazy questions. That are a little vague too. So she's like which sister are you are you the one who is or you're the one who lives. And we see on the board that age where she is placed that final piece right in the middle. That triangle is a small piece that has to women on it. And it looks like they're kind of almost back to back away with symbolic of like sisters or twins made me think of like Geminis as well and so that made me think of legacies. And the Jimmy Coven as well but also just in general like the symbol for the Gemini for you know just thinking about astrology and stuff in general so in that regard. She's like what is happening. We know that so. Ji was aware of being a sister as well. So it's a little bit jarring for her and then Rhonda pools firearm and everything goes kinda sideways for a second. But it's because one of the guards come in there with their firearm on them and so he was like hey. This is not Rhonda's fault. This is on the person who brought that in here and they need to be reprimanded because they should know better and make sure the rest of you. Do Not have your firearms on you in here. These people are not stable so I really like that that indicates to us where Hughes head is in the game and he is kind of meeting them at their level. He understands that they're having a hard time also because he was an expert and I think that type of inclusivity is very important in general. But I like that. We're seeing it. Mirrored on Star Trek. A little bit surprised that the Romney ones are the ones modeling that but it's just as pragmatic as it is inclusive so the Romulus are not allowing you to do this because of any type of inclusivity interests but rather because he would understand better than anyone else he would be an expert in this and they understand that even if they aren't necessarily on board with how much compassion he has towards them so I like seeing Matt and seeing that there are pragmatic reasons to do things and not to do things very similarly to how John McCain and General Mattis took their approaches to understanding torture so both John McCain and General Mattis were against torture but John McCain was against it for moral reasons because he had also experienced it whereas general mattis was against it because it was not practical they did a scientific study on it and found empirically. That torture does not get you. Actual factual answers at a certain point. People will say anything to you to get you to stop torturing them so they may be telling you the truth or they just be admitting to things to get the pain to stop so at that point that is really reminiscent to me as to how the Romney Lynn's verse says Hugh kind of view this but in this case the Romulus are just being pragmatic about it like general mattis and he was like. Hey I've I've been there morally. We have to treat them a certain way and fortunately they're just at the point where they both agreed. That Hugh is the expert on this and although you can tell they don't want to let him in Saudi through and he has to assert his dominance me like. Hey I am the head of this project so I get to come through here. Step aside and he doesn't even care that they're carrying disruptors and that Romulo disruptors don't have stunned settings he is just like. Hey let me through you. I was part of the Borg collective. You guys are jerks. But you can't really scare me so I really respect how we get to see. Who Hugh is at this point and that he maintains his perspective even in really tense situations so hugh at this point and so she ended up leaving that area and we go back to Earth and we see that Picard is at his vineyard and he and the two folks he lives with end up getting ambushed by the Josh. So remember the wash the same as the tell she are as far as picardy. Them are concerned right now and it gets really hard court. I love how the scene plays out. You should definitely watch it. It is visually so interesting. It tells us a lot about the characters and where they are now where they're showing US pick cards physique and what he's capable capable of at this point and how he handles a weapon versus his physicality in hand to hand combat. We're learning a lot about what is going on with him and his health and I like that he gets to be an old man and you really get to see how his age is affecting him. I think a lot of times. We just expect older characters. Still be tough and everything in the exact same way that we would younger characters and so we either don't see older action stars or they. Aren't that realistic. But I like. How Picard really approaches that as this show so the wash or in the battle with them and Dr Giradi POPs in Agnes and she's like freaking out. She accidentally kills Romulo on at that point because she didn't know there wasn't a stunt setting but we see that they try to talk to the Josh about what's going on. They try to interrogate him and he kills himself with that acid that we had seen happen to dash when someone. Romulus spit on her. Now if those two halves of the story are going to come together it will be somewhere down the line in the rest of the show and I'm really excited to see what they do with that so it looks like at this point. They've decided they're going to need a starship in a pilot and before Roffe Topa card you know. Get off my lawn. She also I will have a pilot reach out to you and so she did. She does get him a pilot and we meet him in the form of Christobal Chris. Rea's played by Santiago Cabrera and I loved him immediately. We're going to go on a quick break and when we come back. We're going to talk more about Chris. Watching TV has changed over time. Streaming has become the new norm. That's why golden state media concepts television. Podcast dives headfirst to the world of cord. Cutting to beyond the loop of. What's hot and Netflix? Or if it's not a preference what about original shows in Hulu. We've got you covered. Join us as we all the black and talk about movies to stream and what show. You should be vigilant. This is a golden state media concepts television. Podcast.

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