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CLYDE Lewis. This is ground zero. Normally do this. I'm taking a champions, actually, bad buggy jam. Okay. So. A friend of mine. Someone I trust. Hopefully. Sent me something he sent me an MP three. And he says this is the last thing you'll ever hear the it's the last time is the last thing you want to hear at Christmas time. I don't know any means by this is the last thing you wanna your Christmas time, he says to me. He says don't even go even preview this. Don't even preview this. He says to me. Because if you preview it you're not going to get the surprise. I want to get your reaction without you previewing what you're going to play. Now, I trust the guy 'cause I swear words are in. I hope it's not dirty. I hope it's not whatever. This is the last Christmas song you'll ever want to hear. I don't know what the hell it is. So you and I are going to share this moment together Christmas time. So we're going to be sharing a moment at the moment of whatever this is this is like a Christmas present an audio Christmas present he says an audio Christmas present that he said that I need to share with all of you. It will make our Christmases happy will make us. He says it'll give us a Christmas cheer. So I gotta trust him on this. Okay. So. Yeah. I'm going to do it. Is eyebrows. What is he going to do? Okay. I don't know. Should I do you want me to? We're gonna do it right here. Yeah. All right. We'll take a chance here. He said is the last Christmas song you'll ever wanna hear it Christmas recess. Okay. Here. We go..

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