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He clinic dot com. They have onsite lab. Zell help you. they'll draw blood minimally invasive. And by the time you leave you'll know where your testosterone is and what the approaches and how they're gonna monitor it to make sure you get your life back in the heights cypress parallel pasadena and spring. Grand parkway and kirk kindle. That's exactly what you're about to get when you go in and fix it. One of great locations can dramatically improve. Your claudia rely life and relationships. Get it fixed now. You do not have to settle for low testosterone. Take care of life gets better. Men's clinic dot com men's clinic dot com. Am i suppose junior astros. You're listening to sean salisbury. On sports talk seven nine lance mccullers out about the performance. Your home for houston astros baseball question. Crush ten plant one question. This us the big one the big question. Today on the sean salisbury berry show. The big question is simply about augusta national. It's a hot button topic because everybody loves the masters and majors and we all wanna see. Tiger woods is going to be on a sunday on moving day on saturday. The big question is are you as pumped or excited about the masters in november as you are when it comes around in april so is there are pumped about both but is there one is going to be a different look. The colors will look different. The golf course will look different without patrons and ropes and it's kind of field. It's going to feel different and the weather is going to be a little bit different degrees wise. So there's a lot of things it will look and feel different for you. And are you usually ready for golf in november when it comes to tv golf which in the past has been like silly season and getting yourself tuned up for that. We've changed. How the golf season worked. So are you just as excited or should it more excited now or less excited but the excitement level between august and now however josh you're gonna go word it and level Exciting in november the gusta or but five plus months later or whatever. It's going to be the exact day For the masters in april. So there's your choice visit and maybe give us a reason why you'd call in seven one three two two five seven hundred. I wonder if there's anybody more pumped it says. I mean that is so if you weren't going to like if they were moving this golf tournament to this day and this weekend permanent. They're not gonna do it. They're right back out of it. I wonder if during football and the rest of it if the people would would Be bothered by having a major this late in the year. And i wonder why we don't and i well i mean timing wise for sue sunlight available with the babbio it's limited the field to from what sixty it's now fifty the way that they the people that make the cut and the rest of it and they're starting i think at both night. You know both nines where they they don't call it the front nine the background. They called the first nine in the second night. I believe in augusta. You have to call it that. But this'll be lanced barrel the producer. Not many people know him but fuel will watch golf and he took over fracture kenyan And he this is his last masters That he will broadcast in the booth. He started as the spotter. And kind of his do everything lance lance barrel for pat summerall. So he's also a great article in golf magazine about it I was reading it on the plane and just All the things that barrow scene and pat summerall He started with and ended up now at the top golf job on the planet by at least on tv of producing this great event. This is his last last one. But i just wonder yeah with the daylight i just always wondered. And that's the main reason and obviously football in the cold. The cold in the year gets They don't do it but i mean they did. They're doing it here in the neck keeps people's you know. Oh my gosh. We got master's in in november. This is really cool. I didn't think i'd like it at first. But i've missed it. And i'm okay to crown a champion two times in six months. I think it's pretty cool. Yeah it's going to be weird and awesome to have it happen that quickly twice. I mean i'm. I'm not mad about that but i'd prefer the the normal time of year. Gab april yeah right after the let you go. Final four Augusta and they usually go with. What is it seat. Pine harbour town. Is that with the hilton. Hilton damian in that next tournament usually follows. They're on their way to south carolina. I think So that that whole time. Right around there is awesome fired up about this spring So the question is do you. Are you just as pump for this. One is you are for the one in the spring when it comes to the masters tournament again. Congratulations to lee elder. Who will be part of. Jack nicklaus gary player in twenty twenty one in scholarship and tremendous recognition. Is he will be one of the honorary Golfers at t off on the first hole to introduce the masters Next spring and and i love the fact that they're waiting till the spring. Why because all the fans that are going to be there. Lee elders deserves as the golf deserves to have all the patriots. When i say fans patrons that's they call it again other patrons their to cheer him on when he tees off on the first tee box that'd be a great thrill for him so many great great for golf. This is an awesome decision by them. So i i prefer spring. I'll take now though because when you're a football teams you know baseball and basketball over. Although basketball is going to start seeing your football team is to and six and not playing well. i'll take four rounds of golf At augusta. I'll take rounds of golf across the street but on tv for your viewing pleasure The for instance. This sunday i will probably be far more into this final round. Especially if it's closed depending on the leaderboard or even not that. I will be on a couple of football teams that i may not be interested in watching at a certain time day right the later after depending on what the afternoon games are I have no problem tune into golf. November watching the masters as opposed to The haves and the have nots in the nfl. We also get a lsu alabama leading into the mass or after the.

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