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He's he's played twenty three games with the browns. That's a decent size sample. i twenty three games. He's wide receiver thirty nine on a per game basis. Thirty four so unite. Both well behind where he is being drafted. You know i could. I be proven wrong of course because we know the talent is there. But i'm you know. Burn me once. Shame on you. Burn me twice three times four times. Shame on me. i thought it was. Fool me once but we'll let slide portland tours as well in week two. What can you tell this apple. Yeah you know coralline sutton is really an example of how you want to see a player progress from this type of injury. Acl tear in week to remember. He'd only played a few snaps because he missed the week. One game because of a shoulder injury so he goes down in week two and we saw him making steady progress through training camp. He was still wearing a brace which is going to likely due at least for the foreseeable future but it doesn't appear to be slowing him down in any way if you saw him in that. Preseason game the video clip. I posted where he made a plant and cut very quick. Change of direction has decelerating on that. Those are very particular things that stress that graft replacement in the knee and he showed that he felt comfortable doing that. And i think it helped him gain confidence in his knee. Those are huge factors for returning to football again. He and saquon barkley tore their acl sale sale the same week. I just present that as a comparison of how injuries can be very very different for different players. I think if you're one hundred percent. I will he is or he's getting there but if i knew that he was going to be his normal self. There's probably a pretty compelling case to be ranked higher than twenty-seventh where i have him amongst wide receivers. The only two things. That sort of worked against portland sutton matthew your one. He's got a lot of other pass. Catchers offense in a really good jared. Who's going to be a much improved player in court. In obviously noah fans can be even further improved player. J hamblur is a speed demon. Love him as a lottery. Ticket and patrick was good last year on the feels good. I thought tim. Patrick might generate some action as a restricted free agent this past offseason and the quarterback play. It's okay it's okay. It's like average slightly below average otherwise he could be a top fifteen fourteen like if you put them in chicago with justin fields. And there was no allen robinson i'd be like holy cow right. He would be. It'd be not quite alan robertson. But we talk about him in a very different vein. We would be to me the positive. The argument for portland sutton is threefold k. super talented. I don't think any of us disagree that like religion. The guy can play the guy. Can flat out play number two. Is i think he's quarterback. Proof quarterback proof. Like i honestly like i think he is a good enough talent. That like we've seen in be productive with like paxton lynch. I mean like you know in. Trevor siemian like i mean. Think about some of the some of the guys. The broncos of rolled out there in previous years and then the third thing here is that while. judy may get more volume. Who do you think ends up the year with more touchdowns assuming health for both guys. I'd argue it's portland sudden red zone. Target like yeah. I'm gonna listen. Judy quite a bit as well. This is not an anti jerry. Judy comment i have both guys ranked pretty close to each other. But it just think when you go drafts. Judy has a lot more buzz than portland. And i think sought might be the better value his piece. Actually a little bit ahead of jerry. Judas believed really. Yeah that's mistake well. They're very close. If it's not ahead. So i think planes currently going as wide receiver thirty one. He's going in the ninth round. So you know what that's where it's going. I don't know judy's adp off the top of my head. I thought judy was going a little bit higher than that. I've i've certainly seen judy reyes recently. There's definitely some buzz around him. You don't have the wide receiver. Adp's memorize way knows them. I don't that's okay because matthew if you need help getting ready for your graphs you and i just did a last minute. Get ready for your draft. Fantasy show. We did on. Espn sorry my wife has calling me. Of course he is. of course. i'll text sir. Appreciate you to find your boat texter matthews working but that's correct we just did last minute drafted advice sleepers and busts show on espn plus really great episode yet to daniel and a onesie and by the way one of the ways. There's a couple of weeks to get. He's been plus. You could just.

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