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And local. It's five thirty. I'm Liz Warner. The president will face the nation this evening for the annual state of the union address. He'll be speaking to the most diverse congress ever to serve the US when President Trump will look out into the chamber this need a lot of new faces of congress. This is a much more diverse, congress, many more women many more minorities, I asked one new member today, a freshman member of the house what the message she hopes that President Trump will pick up looking out tonight over them. And she said we came to play doesn't community organizations are calling for an elite LAPD divisions removal from south LA in a letter addressed to the mayor LAPD chief and the police commission. The group said the metropolitan division has harassed African American and Latino people. This follows a report that the unit oversaw a surge in traffic stops involving black drivers and L. A woman is the third person to be killed by a foul ball in baseball history. The first time someone was. Killed by a foul. Ball was nineteen forty-three it old Griffith stadium in Washington. Then in one thousand nine hundred seventy a fourteen year old boy at Dodger Stadium and this past August Dodger Stadium again, August twenty fifth. Seventy nine year old Linda Goldblum irregular Dodger Stadium with her husband was struck by a foul ball in died. Four days later, the report just made public. The couple seats were in the loge section unclear. If it was a ball that came down into their section or flew just over the safety netting. Jim Roope, Los Angeles. The pop star pink has the newest star on Hollywood walk of fame the Grammy winner got her sidewalk plaque today. Just five days before another possible Grammy win she's nominated for best pop vocal album for beautiful trauma pink joke that many people probably thought she'd only ever make it to the walk of shame talk radio seven ninety KABC sports. The Rams need a new quarterbacks. Coach Zac Taylor has left. The job to become the new head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals the kings are in New Jersey this afternoon Anaheim is visiting Montreal today. The Lakers are in India..

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