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Omar Villafranca is in Gulf county windows blown out you have a lot of debris in the yard from the walls from the roof. Everything just ripped down enthralled trees in the street. We were actually hunkered down in port. Saint Joe when Michael was blowing through the walls were shaking the ground was shaking was pretty vicious. We're wondering what that damage would look like six hundred thousand homes and businesses have no power to deaths blamed on Michael FEMA administrator Brock long CBS this morning. Danger is not over yet. Storm continues to batter South Carolina, North Carolina. Unfortunately, I mean, we're gonna see, you know, potentially nine inches of rain in North Carolina as it exits out today. So we're trying to move as quickly as we can and obtain access and search and rescue is our real focus right now and American astronaut and a Russian cosmonaut being flown to Moscow after their trip to the international space station was aborted minutes after blastoff NASA TV covering the flight heard the Russian flight control team report an issue with booster that led to a ballistic descent landing for the crew on board. Nick Hagen Alexia of Chinon, both okay. After their Soyuz. Capsule landed safely in Kazakhstan pressure is mounting on the Trump administration after a Washington Post columnist vanished in eastern bull here. CBS? CBS's? Cami mccormick. Twenty Republican and democratic senators are calling on President Trump to order an investigation and Jamal cash hoagies disappearance. There is a law that authorizes sanctions against the country for extrajudicial killings, torture, and gross human rights violations. Even though President Trump has said he would not stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia Republican Senator rand Paul says he'll force a vote in the Senate blocking those sales. A warning about department store jewelry that can make you run. Born children's sick. Michael Green of the center for environmental health cadmium is incredibly toxic metal like lead causes birth defects. It makes it harder to maintain a pregnancy. And it also makes it harder to get pregnant in the first place lab tests, thirty one pieces of jewelry sold at places like Nordstrom. From.

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