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And normal that. I didn't I didn't care I didn't care because it just so much felt like it didn't matter like it was just going to be what it's going to be and so we went and drove in the Canyon and We parked somewhere With a beautiful view and he kissed me and I was just perfect and we cast for five hours. I think it was. I mean. We didn't KISS FOR FIVE HOURS. Straits but Again it was this thing with like. Let's take a break and just hold each other or let's just talk for you. Know another half hour and I was five o'clock in the morning when he drove me back to my apartment and he parked on the curb and kissed for another three hours and it was eight o'clock in the morning and I thought. Oh Shit I have to go to class so I went inside and shower and changed in got dressed and went into class and I was so tired but I just felt so happy and I felt so happy because it was something that I had never experienced before but I felt so stupid because this is what my roommates do all the time..

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