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Rao to like four fireballs and stashed them in my purse helped that's not like freon is that acceptable to take four fireballs per visit i'd acceptable to me and i think that's fair they charge a lot to dry clean your tshirt says he up and then i also right now have my word there is sugarfree coffee caramel hard candies the reason i'm like carrying around so much of these little hard candies is because there's just so much food around it's even more i know we complain about it all the time bail during the pilot process there's even more crazy food and people who send food when you're schedules crazy and you're tired sleep resistance is to us so i try figure that sort of a stopgap will and then there's the heaviest thing in my bag and i think you have this too is uh the charger because we have our i've had we have our iphones or using them nonstop the batteries die so fast yeah that you i have like you know a huge heavy charger and then a smaller charger also see i don't have the heavy charger i need that 'cause i just have the small charger for my phone which i discovered the hard way does not charge my ipad i did so i need the bigger one that you have also and then i don't know if you have this but i have for repairs of glasses in my bag right now oh i don't i just have the one i have my sunglasses i have my lakes computer screen glasses since her on our screens so much and then i have my regular glasses rao it's crazy and of course sarah we can't go anywhere without or rain pants i mean we've talked about how rain pants are like the key to pilots success in any situation so yeah yeah you have to have room to shove those rain pants in there and then sarah the other thing that we will have in our bags once we start shooting in a few days is sides yes and um i don't know if people don't know woodside czar it's a sort of miniature highs drew.

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