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Hello from Wonder Media Network. I'm Jenny Kaplan and this is encyclopedia. Were Manteca this month. We're talking about beautiful minds. Intellectual powerhouses whose work had an extraordinary impact on the world. Our story today takes us back to nineteenth century Nigeria Syria to discuss princess poet and teacher who helped to shape the values of the Sokoto Caliphate. Let's talk about Nana Nana Esma Mos- born around seventeen ninety three. Her childhood was riddled with conflict. When she was about eleven years old she was a close witness to the Fulani war between her father's forces and his former students per father was victorious and was elected commander of the faithful by his followers? He became the founder and Sultan of the Sokoto Caliphate. An independent Islamic suny state in West Africa the so caliphate was one of the most significant empires in nineteenth eighteenth century Africa. It eventually grew to encompass more than thirty and ten million people non as father placed a high value on universal universal education and on Teaching Nana studied the Koran the classics at the Arab World and learn four languages as part of the state's leading and family. She had great insight into what was happening politically in eighteen. o Seven Nana got married and six years later she had her first child in eighteen nineteen. She wrote what's known as her first work of poetry over the course for Life Nana authored huge number of poems including accounts of historical events elegies and lessons about the founding principles of the Caliphate Nana earned the reputation of being a leading scholar in the religion when her half brother Mohammed Bello became the second Sultan of the Caliphate Nana served as his counselor in that role. She wrote instructions from the Salton Alton to governors of the Caliphate and she corresponded with foreign scholars in a letter scholar. Sheikh Saad wrote to Nana greetings readings. Ching you a woman of excellence and find traits in every century there appears one who excels the proof of her merit has become well known east and West I near and far. She's marked by wisdom and kind deeds. Her knowledge is like the wide SI sincere greetings benefactions and felicitations solicitations from one. Who loves your family restless from traveling desserts? I long to meet you and your good traits again now. No surviving written works show. The Caliphate was founded with an emphasis on women's leadership inclusion and rights. They also illustrate Nana's devotion to education around eighteen thirty. She organized a group of women teachers to travel around the Caliphate and educate women in their homes. Each teacher received a hat called MALFA UH tied with a red turban. The teachers use non as poems and those of other Sufi scholars to teach conquered populations about Islam Nana wrote wrote her poems with a specific rhyme and meter that made them easier to memorize for example. She wrote a thirty verse poem that teaches the names and order of the one hundred and fourteen chapters of the Koran newly educated students formed cohort of learned. Women called the Yon- Taro or the sisterhood. The crew of teachers called Dagi's became a symbol of the Sokoto State. None of us knows like see is significant in her region to this day. Many schools meeting halls and women's organizations are named after her in northern Nigeria. Nana died in eighteen sixty four more than sixty of her written works have survived tune in tomorrow for the story of another beautiful mind special. Thanks to my favorite sister and Co Creator. Liz Caplan Talk to you.

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