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Or hit us up on Twitter at DP show at Ross Tucker NFL Polly won't you lead us off. Army football is eleven two and ranked finish the season a great year, and they put seventy points and ran for five hundred yards on the university of Houston worst weekend. I'm going to give it to me because I said there's no way in the world just in Herbert the quarterback Oregon would go back when he's going to be a top fifteen pick. He's going back to Oregon. I said there's no chance and there was a chance, and he did it while fritzy I got caught up in Snell Yemenia with the Wildcats Kentucky or anybody. Benny Snell junior against Penn State twenty six carries one hundred forty four yards to these becaming all time leading rusher in school history. And it was amazing watching watching him and then worst of the weekend. Gotta give it unfortunately students fighting Irish able to put up a field goal against Clemson thirty two three. In that semifinal college football playoff game. Mclovin. Okay. Georgia not showing up against Texas and Bebo attacking the Georgia. Mascot. Did you see that before the game the Texas mass vivo attacking a might have? I mean that the best part about it is that that's exactly how the game turned out. You know, what I mean where it was like Texas was we're coming for ya. We're fired up and Georgia was like, I don't know. I'm not sure seen my best of the weekend actually to get back to something you mentioned earlier, but my best of the weekend. Dana Holger Sohn, leaving West Virginia taking a do gig. Well, we're going to run out of time again for that. But I'll get to my best and worst later on. These new my worth real quick Notre Dame getting embarrassed again in national television bowl and a huge spot. Could worse the weekend for sure it was just those college football playoff semi finals. What a bummer final hours coming up next..

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