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Of the roadway so follow their directions caution in falls church writing Arlington Boulevard in Annandale road as traffic lights in the intersection of flashing new year new why new you final days join the wind January with a zero dollar and Roman fee hurry is it Y. M. C. A. D. C. dot org for your free guest pass Jack Taylor WTOP traffic our storm team four four day forecast now his Chuck bell and it is turning increasingly cloudy still a little bit of filtered sunshine left out there and temperatures are certainly plenty cold enough it's thirty two now in Germantown Maryland thirty two in Purcellville Virginia thirty five here in Washington with the S. sunshine fading behind increasing numbers of clouds are high today is expected to reach forty seven degrees others leases a chance for some rain drops later on into the day nothing heavy but your evening commute could have a couple of drops on it so just keep that in mind that light rain will be gone by about midnight temperatures will drop into the upper thirties overnight and then your Saturday lots of clouds not a big rain thread tomorrow but a sprinkler to can't be rolled out middle parts of the afternoon forty eight degrees for your high tomorrow and then the weather turns much more usable for outdoor activities just in time for Sunday and Monday Sunday will be in the upper thirties to around forty in the morning it'll be drying out lots of clouds early Sunday but back to some sunshine by later Sunday afternoon temperatures climbing into the low perhaps even for a few into the mid fifties by Sunday that'll be nice and then Monday look out it's actually gonna be warm sixty five in sunshine on Monday sixty five is the record high for the date and we do have a chance of equaling or bettering the record out of sheer luck of coincidence that's also the coldest high temperature for the month of February every other record high for the month is higher than sixty five so we may I be able to pick off some low hanging fruit so to speak I'm starting for meteorologist check fell for WTOP okay Chuck eight fifty one a woman who accuses president trump of raping her in the nineteen nineties is now asking for a DNA sample from the president lawyers for advice columnist Eugene Carroll serve notice for the president to submit a sample March second.

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