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You go. Red barber was gone at that point now in his retirement. He just basically took this as his retirement. He wrote several books and was inducted into the baseball hall of fame on this day. In seven in nineteen seventy five. Gerald ford was shot at by. Sara jane moore in san francisco. Yeah the the bullet hole is actually. You can still see it in the hotel. It's just above an atm anyway. The bullet ricocheted off the hotel. Hit a cabdriver. That was near boy die. Hit him in the groin. Ouch anyway why did she do it will. She says that everyone was talking about doing it. Because he was appointed and not elected. I don't think people were talking about the Secret service would have been on that. Yeah but that's still the story that she's sticking to all right We've got a new episode of learning more out today. Be sure to check it. Out is about dance therapy. I talked with lana grasser. A phd candidate and graduate research fellow from wayne state university. About how dancing can not only help you physically but mentally. Be sure to go check it out. There's a link in the podcast description. All right. let's take a look at our birthdays today. Tommy lasorda was born on this day. In nineteen twenty seven as was andrew but celli born in nineteen fifty eight almost at sixteen h. Tim when joan jett was born on this day in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight. Neil cavuto is sixty three scott. Bao's sixty bonny hunt. Also sixty today and carlos correa is twenty seven. That is your look at september twenty second. Thanks for listening to this today. We do our best to pull together all the correct information if we made a mistake and you heard it. You're super smart and were super sorry. Be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcast and give us a five star if you think we deserve it. If you'd like to make sure that we cover something on a future episode. Let us know just head to our website today. Podcast dot com to make suggestions cr other podcasts. Like learning more. I just talked to you about that. Okay you should check it out. Hope you enjoyed learning about today. I'm russ i'll talk to you tomorrow. Cast powers some of the world's best podcasts. Here's a show we recommend. Hey everyone cameron about here. Deputy editor at foreign policy. So when i think about economics podcasts. The words fun or exciting. Don't really come tonight. then. I started working with adam. Twos readers of f p no adam as an economic historian and popular author. But he's more than that in some ways. He's an encyclopedia about everything. How big multinational like four operates as a huge impact of eighteen life expectancy was seventy eight and a half where we may starkly unprecedented increase in poverty on each episode of ones and twos adam twos and i will unpacked several data points. I'm pretty sure you will look at the world the same way catch..

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