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You know. just rehash it. Is you know this was a whole season. That was just about answering questions. The playoffs would have been a dream. Come true and it would have been a great experience. But at the same time i think the most important thing was to be able to figure out what that roster's going to look like next year when we hit eighty two game season and expects a lot of the younger players who now are gaining experience to be able to come in and make an impact before. Yeah and we're going to put off the more positive than negative to later. 'cause i wanna talk about this notion of an active offseason because i it's it is all anybody's talking about it and i totally understand it from a from not only a fan perspective but also from a media perspective and those of us that work for the team carlin. Jim darryl nick. Alex unites at our zach But nick had me on the radio last night news asking me during the first intermission. Do i think that there's going to be a ton of moves this offseason and the reality is. I don't think there's going to be a ton. I think there obviously will be some And i and. I think that they will have to be important but looking at the free agency list. I don't see a ton of earth. Movers and and further to that point. I don't see a ton of earthmovers that are at a point in their career where they would say yes. The right thing for me is to come join a team. That has missed the playoffs. For three years in a row and and you know et cetera et cetera. And unfortunately you see quotes. I don't know if you read the tyler. Toffoli piece in the players tribune but he echoed a sentiment that a number of players have echoed when they leave l. a. which is l. as great if you're a professional athlete in the national hockey league because you get a ton of money there you know you can get good seats at like the dodgers game and occasional. You'll meet the celebrity but nobody. Nobody's going to bother you for an autograph when you go grocery shopping. Local newspapers aren't writing a ton of stories. About who you're dating or you know whatever whatever and that's great and lord knows. I wish i made that kind of money. So i live that that version of living in la but any but then he goes to hoover and we saw this with wayne simmons and we've seen it with a number of other players who leave la who started their career and they go play in another city and they go. Oh this is a hockey market And so you know. La has never been particularly successful at luring high profile free agents in either of the ducks..

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