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That is exactly right and it's become almost inevitable that jail time will be happening here for lula he could serve up to twelve years in one month in prison if found guilty of passive corruption which basically consisted of exchanging favors with the construction company oas in order for receiving a a beachfront property in sao paulo state beach coast here but basically it's likely that he could rule the court could rule that he could go to jail by april fourth year and they have already turned down a petition that he is he was he filed with his legal team that he is not guilty of passive corruption in in their point of view and that was turned down so it seeming that he is likely to be going to jail so you're right that this could all be futile and it could be all in vain that he's not likely to end up running for president anyway in that he'll be be in eligible based on constitutional law here in brazil but he's being persistent and i feel that he probably is continuing this campaign just to accept essentially make a point after his successor joma rousseff was ousted in what they call a coup she was impeached just after the olympics by the by an opposition party so people are just saying that maybe this is just hit making a point and kind of sticking it to elitist brazil that's the one thing that's been happening here in brazil in recent times that this country has become more divided than ever and with his campaigning is just increasing that divide for you you mentioned the country's more divided and we've seen activists and even council those being shot now we've seen schultz fahd lula's boss sam if the supreme court does turn around him refuses to let him stand and if in the end says that he is going to go to jail you then have to ask exactly how his.

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