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Islanders. Barry trots can become the second head coach in NFL history to capture the Stanley Cup in back to back years with different teams. Tommy, Gordon, I accomplished that feat doing so with Chicago Blackhawks in nineteen thirty four and the Montreal Maroons in nineteen thirty five nineteen thirty five. It's twenty nineteen. So do the math there. I can't do it that quickly. That is crazy that is a modern NHL record. And I don't wanna get to five head of ourselves or far the islanders record in play here that is insane. So that's kind of a key thing, you know, and you have to look to rod Brindamour being a rookie NHL head coach he's got a winning pedigree. He has gotten Carolina firing on all cylinders. He's gotten them to buy in and believe with the talent that they have. But Barry trots has been sitting here. These last ten days. Helping his team come off a sweep of the Pittsburgh Penguins and try to maintain that level of competitiveness in everything at practice. So it's gonna be something to watch out for. I don't foresee it becoming a series changing thing. I mean, we've seen teams here in the past comeback from stuff like that. And come out strong in on like, I said a couple of minutes ago. Carolina is coming off fifty some odd hours from a double overtime game in a series that was very emotional and up and down and they battled really hard. So it's gonna be a matter of of who comes out ready to play. Now, we talked about the young players on Carolina some with very little playoff experience. But some people to watch out for you have Jacob Slaven, who's got nine assists. Warren Fogel, four goals two. Assists, the veteran Jordan stall. Three goals, three assists Dougie Hamilton who I mentioned before three goals, three assists. Brock McGinn the game seven hero three goals. Sorry to goals, three assists. Obviously, Sebastian Aho. We won't see the auto bowl this year or at least in this series. Hopefully, two-goal street cysts Toivo Teravainene three goals. One assist. Mr. game seven himself. Justin williams. One goal three. Assists Benson cov who is out in concussion protocol, two goals, one assists. Lucas walmart. One goal, two assists. Justin Falk, three assists, Paschke, three assists. I can go on and on for a couple of other players here. Nino Nita rider only one assist, but obviously he's someone obviously that the islanders need to look out for he's going to have a little something extra approve against the team that drafted him. And. Obviously great player there. So just a couple of key players up at the top younger guys who the islanders need to focus on play strong defensively against keep shots to the outside. Carolina's a team that likes to shoot from everywhere. And this team is very similar in the islanders in that. They're fast they like to hit hard. They were hitting Washington all series long. They were getting in on the four check moving the puck east to west. And that's something. The islanders have struggled with at times this year teams that have moved the puck east west north south is one thing when you're going cross crease and getting the goaltender moving you're knocking your defense out of position opening up lanes. That's gonna be something. They're really gonna need to focus on. It's something that they didn't allow Pittsburgh to do very much. And like, I mentioned before Pittsburgh, obviously has a lot more people on that roster that the media to watch out for so some of the unknowns. I'm sure that Barry. Trots in lane Lambert company had done their due-diligence here over the stretch, and they had their scouts watching Carolina in Washington and down in rally. So it's gonna be interesting to see the type of game plan that they come up with to stem the attack there on. No, I'm excited to see what's going to come out of this. And you know, it's just gonna be a fun one. Barclays is gonna be interesting. It was really loud in twenty sixteen. Brought this up a couple of times here over the last couple of days at brought it up last episode of Mark parish. I was there for both rounds in two thousand sixteen obviously the Florida round was ridiculous. He had that overtime goal. Their in game six to win at home in Brooklyn. Granted they did not have home ice that series. I don't believe so right? 'cause, you know, first time since ninety three and all I should probably fact check remember. So again Brooklyn is loud. It's not as loud as calcium, obviously, the arenas different configuration. It's it's meant for a concert venue. Also, we know a basketball arena, but it does get loud islander fans do travel. Loud on expecting a good turnout on the train into Atlantic terminal. I will be taking the train this afternoon as well. So I will be right there with you guys. I know we can't tailgate, but it's still this is one of those weird. Interesting situations that island fans can do whether you're gonna go to offsides tavern beforehand or somewhere in Brooklyn enjoy yourselves. I know it's not gonna be a beautiful weather day here today, but that's good. Because otherwise, we begin soaking wet tailgating, right? Just be loud show, Robin, Leonard in the rest of the boys that you're there to support them. And while might not be the most adequate home it still is home for now. And we are going to bring it we're going to support them as far into the playoffs as we possibly can one more thing to look out for and this is also pretty important is this run that Carolina is on

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