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Whatever oxford grammatical something something manual she has that it sounds like just being in that environment inspired you to do to be able to take risks to take a stand i wear some of the challenges that you face as a reporter in tech you know especially when people when you're interviewing people who are blatantly sexist or sajjan is like how do you steer the conversation so that had cal cal you you manage those conversations when they are obviously not in line with your stance so first of all you know the book is very much focused on women who work in the tech industry and i work in the media industry but i cover tech and actually in my office women are actually pretty well we have kind of the opposite problem i have far more women on my team than we're always looking for goodman obviously i cover an icon an industry that's really male dominated and my job is to sort of cultivate sources foregoing share information and tell stories can be comfortable enough to join to join us on the show certainly i've been put in uncomfortable positions there was an investor who jumped in the car with me and i was like he's like where are you going i was like not where you're going my husband's there so i've never felt like i never experienced anything to the extent that the women in the book experienced but sexism and sexual harassment exists everywhere and it is in hollywood us we've learned it in washington it's on wall street but what i think makes silicon valley different is this belief and proclamation that we're changing the world and silicon valley has changed the world in so many ways but it's also led to this sense of entitlement an era gance and moral exceptionalism that sort of been an impediment to admitting well hey actually were kind of prompt part of the problem and you can't tell me that the people who can connect the world and you know create v online bookstore for the world rides at the push of a button you can tell me those people can't build more diverse workforces and so in my view you know if we can get people to mars and build self driving cars and organize the world's information we can hire more women we can pay them fairly and we can fund their ideas that's.

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