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Now has more on what happened the pilot had just taken off from the Lafayette regional airport he circled and at some point you click that power line he came down and went into the parking lot of a post office the lady who was in her vehicle the car caught fire and then the plane continued in the work field injecting some of the passengers before the fuselage came to a stop one of the people killed is thirty year old Carley McCord she's the daughter in law of LSU's offense of coordinator one person did survive the crash and is now in critical condition nine thirty four double the CBS the search continues for one person still missing following the crash of a Hawaii tore helicopter six passengers plus a pilot were on board so far six bodies have been recovered CBS is Danya Bacchus as more the Coast Guard says the pilot radioed its position forty five minutes before expecting to land when the chopper didn't show up nearly forty five minutes after it's expected arrival the company reported missing officials say the helicopter had an emergency electronic locator but no signals were received NTSB record show this is the eighteenth civilian helicopter crash in Hawaii in the last five years three NTSB investigators are now on their way to Kawai to determine the cause of the crash that CBS's Dhanya Bacchus in the wee hours of this morning just after midnight president trump was on Twitter the president re tweeted and then deleted a post that included the alleged name of the whistle blower who's been at the center of attention ever since learning officials of that now infamous summer phone call between trump in the Ukrainian president in which tribe asked him to investigate the bidens president has been pushing to release the whistle blowers name saying he should be able to face his accuser no comment from the White House EE CBS news time nine thirty five keep your finger on the pulse of local business with the Bloomberg WCBS Land Rover tristate business index which measures the performance of businesses that affect the economy in the tri state area.

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