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The show i don't know how much animation i'll tell you one thing i don't know a whole lot of animation but if you know anything about animation brad bird is i'll say he's like he's on the mount rushmore of animation he's a really big deal and he has a new film out called the incredible too so he comes by to talk about why animated isn't just for kids why the jungle book and peter pan changed the game when it came to animation when we also surprise him by dropping some narda worrying information that we knew about him that he was responsible for the bartman the simpsons music video so that's really good time on q this lisa christiansen jerem martineau talk a little bit about the new drake video that talk about the players music prize and we argue about whether you should be able to take your phone to concerts and how we feel about locking them up in our pockets i i'm kind of into what i went to jack white concert the other day and i had locked my phone up i really enjoyed the concert a lot more i have to say at julia alexsandr talks about how ninja if you don't know who ninja is ask your nephew niece or child the biggest twits dreamer in the world the biggest four nights creamer in the world i'll give an example how famous this guy is we tweeted out that julia lexander is gonna at e3 talking about ninja ninja re tweeted it are mentioned on q are just blown up it's it's insane how many people my phone is buzzing this guy has so much power and we talk a little bit about how he's lebron james slash wayne gretzky of the new generation of video games and pulitzer prize winning author michael shea bonn talks a little bit about fathers day being father and being assan joe starts now you don't have to be a gigantic fan of animated movies to maybe recognized some of these i can't help myself i i like good food okay good food is hard for a rat to find wouldn't be so hard to find at your words picking i don't wanna eat garbage dad to put a four field around the point listen to what i'm saying now this engage repeat this games do you recognize those so right off the bat you had the iron giant then you had a remmy from ratatouille and then a last girl from the incredible by the way i can hear parents yelling at the radio saying i've watched them on dvd enough i've watched them on netflix enough of their all popular movies from the last twenty years all from the mind fella named brad bird brad bird oscar winning director and writer he's also behind the latest disney pixar film that hits theatres today incredible to it's the long awaited sequel to incredible 's you guessed it one that is fourteen years in the making but it picks up right where the first movie left off following the per family as they balanced real life with superhero life as you're about to hear brad bird has been passionate about animation for a very long time ever since he was mesmerized by a certain panther in the jungle book but before he takes you back to those early days brad bird one of the greatest maters one of the greatest animation directors in history is going to reintroduce you to the world of the incredible audi nice to have you here great to be here feels like it's a it's a good time for superheroes black panther coming out you have a ventures coming out what makes the incredible special you throw a rock and you hit a superhero now i think what i think the little place that we staked out was not superpowers for superpowers sake but to use them to comment on roles within the family and and certain periods of your life i mean that's how i picked the powers i picked him around the positions in the family let me well men are expected to.

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