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What's news from the wall street journal top stories and timely insights i'm charlie turner in new york stock staged a big rally friday with the dow jones industrials nesin p 500 erasing their losses for the week the dow rose three hundred forty seven points friday to twenty five thousand three hundred nine the nasdaq composite rose one hundred twenty seven points while the s p 500 gained forty three for the week the dow and sp each rose a fraction of a percent the nasdaq was up one point four percent here to talk about the markets for the week and what we may expect next weekend beyond is the wall street journal's michael worst horn mike it strikes me this has been kind of a weird week before it started appeared the markets had settled down and then inflation jitters started up again via it's been it's really been a topsyturvy week for stocks investors have had a lot to balance alah good alah bad on the bed and begun inflation data continues to creep up and become an is major concern for a lot of investors this week we had additional data that came out to show the fed is aware of inflation rising it is rising and their comfortable with their pace of interest rate hikes um what really put the market on edge earlier in the week was win looking at that date a little more closely that in fact there's a chance the fed the growth is so optimistic that the fed might speed up its rate of interest rate hikes and if they do that there's realization amongst a lot of investors at stocks going to have a lot more resistance go higher going up ahead but is there any sign that they're going to do that because it seems to me that with today's rally those worries about both inflation and interest rates at a faster pace interest rate hikes at a faster pace they subsided that's a good point i mean as at a one investor described this period right now this period of this weekend and even next week in some ways as this muddle along zone uh we don't really have any major announcements or or or major de the points we have a lot of data coming up next week but no major data points it's really going to give him besters a clearer sign.

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