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I look a our best against their best. Go get are getting their son. Let's go and I put Tom at shows in a game. And the funny thing is right there. I forgot that. We're you know, I told him that he look as we're gonna point. I want you to point to say, we're running right here. Why forget that. I told him that here comes Brandon more and Damien Woody in their point. We're running right here. Like whole God, y'all know I am. Here we go. We hit it for like four four yard gain. It was unbelievable. And but that was a huge win. And you know, when when you asked me a. Question about maybe my biggest win. Maybe my biggest win was week two of my first year because I think that gave us tons of credibility when we. Yeah. And we'd beat the hell out him. We went zero blitz like ten straight place to into game. And I told our team the night before I said Wayne here to the plane close we're here to beat them. And we're going to set a tone right now that hey, guess what we need to same old jets in that week was so important to me member. I send a little message out to the fans. Yes, I do. Okay. And. I've never heard a stadium louder in my life. Then that day and in all the years, I've coach and all that since prior whatever. No, no stain was ever been that loud. The the it literally was Rockin, and I fed off our crowd to where it's I ONA. Where's your blitzen again? Because I did the whole thing was shaking home. I god. Like, no that you know, Brady were coming worked coming to knock your butt off. And that was it. But I fed off it, and I think it gave the the fact that, hey, I'm here, and I'm not we're not the same old jets that we're here to take your lunch money and be the most physical football team on the field that that's what we did. I let me just ask you as we wrap this. I could do this forever. But as I have to let you go because you have to catch a flight, let me just bounce a few names off you and just give me whatever thoughts come into your mind. Doesn't have to be one word just whatever thought comes into your mind. When I say, these names, let's start. With your father, buddy. Ryan what what what roll? What impact is? He have on your life and your career to this day. Oh, huge. I mean, obviously as many as many sons they'll follow in their father's footsteps, well, the the family businesses football. And I just followed in my dad. It was natural to me. I don't I don't think I knew any different. He was just my dad, you know, he was one of the only guys would show up all the baseball games. And by the way, our baseball team went one that you'd really wanna go why. But he'd be there every time he was just a loving, dad. And when you look at the football coach phenomenal like twenty thirty years ahead of his time. And he will he literally if you're going to take an assistant coach in put him in the hall of fame, the first guy you put in Buddy Ryan on the staff of the Super Bowl three jets, right obviously created the forty sixty fence, which is the most famous defense ever. We talked about the eighty five bears and. And then on from there and engendered sort of an affection and a love from his players and fans that I think is is unmatched. I Mike and I did our show in Philadelphia million times. Right. And the fans there were compare Andy Reid to buddy all the time. Hey, and I would keep saying you do realize Andy retook it. And yet he wasn't buddy..

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