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There are some guys right right at nine inches. So it's it's one of those things that's it's kind of the Mendoza Line. It's a red flag number. Whatever you WANNA say Joe Nine inches. There there are some guys that have had success. It is a little bit of concern in terms of ball control. But you watch you watch him play and and it was never really an issue you know. I mean he there. There isn't anything that jumps out on tape in terms of throwing the rain or protecting the football. That really concerns you or jump out when you when you evaluate him so you have to kind of have to look at both sides you have to evaluate the tate versus the number but that eight and seven eighths inches is different from nine inches. Whether you like it or not and it's a ridiculous thing to say 'cause it's one eighth of an inch well nine is also the number of bells that he will be at which he will be sitting down on Tuesday in the morning at a podium and meeting with the medium for the first time nine. Am and on Tuesday. And I imagine it's just going to be put to him point blank. Is there an issue between you and the bengals from any any form or format of what gives from the media to Joe Borough are you what are you what are you hearing Amongst your evaluators. Scouts and your contacts. Is there any smoke Is there a fire? What do we got here on the borough and Bengals Front tot? I'm I'm actually really close with with Jordan Paula and he's he's training with Jordan Palmer Yup and obviously Carson has said Carson Palmer has said what he said I I to be completely honest with you. I haven't asked Jordan yet. 'cause I I. I hate asking blunt questions like that to put people on the spot. But I'm going to have to ask him when I when I see him on Tuesday tomorrow. And just see what he says. Because it's it's becoming such a situation and everyone on the League. It's kind of talking about it and it's it's all rumors you know in in any question that he's answered if you really go look at the context. It's because he's been asked that and he comes out. He's a different cat. If you meet with him I've met with him a couple times thirty minutes at a time. And he's a little bit of a different cat and that he doesn't care what you think. And I remember like Brian Greasy and I have done games for the last few years and we. We walk out of meetings especially with quarterbacks and Brian is intelligent as anyone. I've ever been around in terms of evaluating quarterbacks and just knowing that the position and every time we walk out we usually say nine out of ten times usually say that guy was impressive and vice versa or not so sure with with Joe we walk out of the room and I was. What did you think he's like? I don't know what to think I don't either. You know and then you get to know him a little bit more. And it's just that he. He's so confident in himself and he kind of attacks. The quarterback position like a linebacker because his brother play linebacker. His Dad's twenty plus year. Coach is other brother played safety in both of Nebraska. He's just kind of a tough guy playing the quarterback position and so everything about his personality tells me that he's not the type of guy that's GonNa say no or try to pull any ELI. Manning enforcer trade and those sorts of things but the fact that he spent all this time with with Jordan Palmer in and around Carson Palmer a little bit and and knowing that he wants to compete and win you know it makes me concern that there could be something there now. I know and then the connection a Tj who Schmidt Zodda is working with him as you know a wide receivers. He has given more voice to the you know. Be careful like going to the bengals front. I mean I'm paraphrasing and in and then just his comment where he said that he had leverage at one point and again I might be taken completely out of context but he did drop that Ellwood and the question is is like look. You don't have leverage in terms of how long your contract is or what your pay your slotted. So what is the leverage and what leverage do you have unless what? Let's put it this way. What leverage is there to exact unless you intend not to go right? So that's I mean that's and and trying to force maybe trying to force Cincinnati to when free agency starts very soon Force them or at least put pressure on them to go out and get some players and and try to get some wide receivers and try to get a better supporting cast around him. Although they've got talent if everyone's back healthy for the the bengals they've got talent and the offensive side of the ball. So you know I. The leverage thing was the only one that that was interesting because it is a trigger word. And what is the leverage leverage is? I'M GONNA try to force a trade but the problem is if you're Cincinnati. Who are you going to trade if you move to five and you know? There's there's a proposed deal you move to five with the dolphins and get a bunch of picks you could all of a sudden you know wake up and burrows gone to is gone and now you better love Justin. Herbert and I don't see Justin Herbert from Oregon as as a top ten. Pick in my opinion you don't you probably will go in the top ten. I just don't see that. I don't see that on tape inconsistency. I think there's potential there. I think he can develop. I think Jordan from Utah has a lot of potential as well but he's even further away from from being ready to play in the NFL. My point is there are two quarterbacks in the strap and if you don't get one of those two and Joe Burrow into a ton of Iowa then you're on the outside looking in and and I I just don't have any strong conviction in any of the other quarterbacks Pasco's to molly and Tom mcshea here on the richeisenshow let's gain this out a little bit more because the Bengals do have an aunt bengals fans may not want to hear it. It's not like the coverage totally bear. I mean Andy Dalton is there right I mean so you could. You could technically stay the course there. There is Trevor Lawrence next year. For whatever sweepstakes you might want to throw your hat in that ring And also the word is that borough wants to go to Carolina and now the reason why that word might be existing is the Joe. Brady's been hired to be the quarter. There and Matt rule is got seven years. And if you'RE GONNA go to a spot where you know. The owner has made a statement and he's made a statement with his aggressiveness. Getting rule and getting Joe Brady and giving them the contracts and you're concerned about being in a spot where there's a riptide of coaches and offensive coordinators in your whole career is going to go down the toilet because of all that then. That's where he wants to go. How really think that would be possibly talk I mean you can't go to Carol. How do you get a trade with Carolina? Going from seven all the way up seven it would be seven seven up to up to one. I mean that. That's you're talking about second and third this year first next year. Probably I mean the amount that it would cost Carolina to go up and go get that guy in job early and I know I'm sure they love him. how do you not love 'em based off of one of the? Best College Football Seasons. We've ever seen from a quarterback in the history of the game and then knowing that the offensive coordinator who took him from a game manager to that this season that we just saw a national championship and and Heisman. Trophy is there and Carolina. Like I get that. But how do you move up and what? What's the cost to go to go do that? I think you'd have to wind up doing like maybe a trade. I don't know three four somewhere in that range. And then like in the bengals draft him and then trade after the fact something like that where where at least you're not giving up all of that compensation and then you make a deal but it's still gonNA cost you a tone in order to go get one guy. And as much as I love Joe Borough I would rather move back if you're telling me that job doesn't WanNa play for me and that this could be an issue. Well if that's the case I'm not saying it's the case but if that's the case I would rather move back and get a bunch of picks and then next year being the the running for Trevor Lawrence who I think is better than both of these guys than than You know then wind up just stuck there and drafting a quarterback who doesn't want to be in Cincinnati who has nine inch is going to have to play in Pittsburgh and Cleveland right for the vast majority of season. Todd mcshay here on the rich Eisen show. What are you hearing about tool? He's got the tensions we know that but What are you hearing about is? What are you hearing? I N. he's GonNa blow away the meetings he's GonNa come out of this combine with everybody falling head over heels in love with them. The dolphins might fall back in love with them. Based on what? You're whatever reporting you might hear believing what. What are you in about two going in talk? It's all medical. I mean he's a stud. I if if you were and I think i. I don't know if I said this to you before. I know I've said it before but if you were to give me a crystal ball and promised new ten years upheld I would take two over Joe Borough even though I love jober and I don't think there's a big difference but I think to a is that I think he's Special. I think he's special from a leadership standpoint. The poisoning brings. He's Today's NFL. Quarterback JOE is too. I mean they're both so great in the pocket. They have such a great natural. Feel their instincts. How quick they are with their progression reads but to a his deep accuracy is exceptional. It's unique and his touch in timing and his ability to just kind of maneuver within the pocket and go from re to to read three where most guys start to panic in their eyes drop and they take off and run. He's just like I'm I'm cool. I'm good and he. He works through it and that he he almost the ball's coming out almost before you can imagine him seeing what he's saying and so that's that's what makes him special to me so. I know the same things that everyone else. He's a phenomenal football player. He would he would arguably be the first overall pick if he was healthy and didn't have the hip injury. And it's all GonNa come down to medical we've seen progression and it's good progress but there's so much more to learn and the interesting part for me. Rich is the game of chicken. That's GonNa go on between the dolphins and the medical report because the dolphins are the team that has that are able to go five picks in the first two rounds three and the first first round there the team that has the most ammunition to move up and go get him..

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