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Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O'Brien coming in last. Oh, my goodness. See, I would I would put Conan before Jimmy Fallon, I care. Oh, boy. I just There's something about Jimmy Fallon. I just can't watch. I don't know what it is. Do it. Are you Jimmy Fallon guy, Greg? Um, He's on a new you in the studio all the time. That's probably the best way to watch Jimmy Fallon. Quite possibly. There's just and listen. I know this is where I sound like, Okay, backwards. Steve Allen was hosting the Tonight Show, but I don't All the sycophantic games that he plays and that's why I don't like James Corden either. Just I used to love Craig Ferguson. Craig Ferguson was fantastic. But he you know, because he was a little more sarcastic. I like I love Jimmy Kimmel. I I watched Seth Meyers until the guests come on, because I think a closer look is really funny. Um Johnny Carson was the king. There's no doubt about it. Letterman, of course, was a king and I watch Colbert for the monologue like this. I'll watch Record. Kimmel Our watch Colbert's monologue, Then I'll flip over and watch Kimmel's monologue and really, because I don't care about the guests unless it's somebody I'm really into, and that is Very, very seldom, very seldom. Alright, let's wrap this up. If you want to jump in, you're welcome to give me your thoughts on Conan where he falls in. But then athletes seem to know when it's time to hang up the cleats. Why don't actors We'll get into that. After this son Wtmj, you're listening to Wtmj Nights. Milwaukee. Summer of Fun Ears Back Brewers Baseball with Bob Bucher, cheering and screaming and hollering and just see people in the ballpark is a big part of what we all do. Summer fast along the lakefront American family insurance. Empathy is.

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