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I 66 just a single right lane on the outer loop ramp toe westbound 66 getting by the long term work zone. They're eastbound 66 heavier, passed through 50 Fair oaks headed toward Nutley Street. As your lanes go from 4 to 3 along the left side. I 3 95, North bound. Expect heavy delays after Duke Street headed toward, Of course, the King Street and beyond the crash was near Glebe Road, blocking the right half of the roadway. States the left in order to get by south bound I 95 delays across the aqua Kwan down 1 23, Then again in separate stretches between garrison villain Rappahannock River North Bend, I 95 continuing to get hit in the gut as you make your way past acquire, headed toward dumb freeze the work after trying blocks the right lane. No problems being reported to us on the Beltway in Maryland through Montgomery County, Out a loop in Prince George's county delays and separate stretches between 2 14 Central Avenue and the Baltimore Washington Parkway was nothing reported their South on I 95 volume past 2 12 headed toward the Beltway ramps for traveling on the BW Parkway slows in both directions between 1 93 and 1 98. With nothing reported in your way for traveling to 70 North bound ramp to 85. We had the work taking Place there. So watch out for that. Also for 10 East West Highway westbound near Belle Chris Road, That crash should be completely gone and you travel lanes open taking you to the district North. Down Eye to 95 Year, Malcolm X Avenue, a single lane gets hit by that particular work zone inbound and outbound on the Douglas Bridge. Watch out for the work zone, having a single lane getting it by and that area for traveling on the freeway. Westbound watch delays passed me an avenue headed out toward Park police, but lanes are.

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