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It's been open so it's kind of a bittersweet You Know Businessweek Day that we we recognize ten years of Dover but we were able to also in addition to the Fisher House that we built there we were. We were able to build they. Don Denominational Spiritual Center where family could go and pray or meditate in their own way and you know to me not having that at Dover when families were allowed to go and and witness you know their loved one coming home was was just travesty. So you know we're able to do that. And and our commitment you know keeps going on To this day and we'll we'll continue well into the future as long as there's a need while the Fisher fabric does wonderful things and I. I can't I don't know if you know me and your Uncle Zachary Fisher under H W Bush help build a chapel at Camp David Camp. David never had a chapel before and in nineteen eighty nine nineteen ninety was ninety one something like that. We built the chapel at Camp. David and it was a wonderful thing that we did talk about chapels and we talk about religion yesterday on Saturday. President trump announced that you know religious freedom and at all the churches should open and meet if we have super walk. It's open and if we have Liquor Stores Open. Why not opened up the churches as long as they take the right precautions? Where their masks and be able to have people pray and? I commend the president for doing that. Because people should have religious freedom. They should be able to do that. Well you know. Cows one of the learned in Iraq. It was a young soldier who came to me and we were talking about prayer and we were praying together Here I am at Iraq Frank With Rain Marina. He says to me. Hey Tony I doubt if there are too many atheists in the Fox hole today and so prairies important for as important to every single synagogues and mosques and and and churches and and Protestant and Catholics. We all have to pray because prayer is a power that without doubt has proven itself over the world's time from biblical times to now over pandemic prayers very important rifle or gone or weapon against this terrible terrible terrible virus and We all the time time to pray and that was wonderful at candy. Your your brother Bruce mostly was on before and He he does wonderful things at cushman and Wakefield and Cushman and Wakefield pixes hired eight hundred veterans for his company. Yeah Bruce has been a leader. It's a it's a real pleasure for me to to actually be the CO chairman of the intrepid with Bruce. He's been a basically a part of the family for many many years. Now and you know we've got this this one thing in common. Which is you know our love of the military our love of military families. The most important thing. I think that we need to remember. Is that behind? Every man and woman that wears a uniform is a family and that makes sacrifices and bears burdens that the average American has no concept of and it's up to us the people that are aware of it the people that that are in the trenches. If you will you know helping our veterans helping our are active servicemen and women and remind people that that these families you know need help sometimes too and you know when a loved one is in the hospital. You know. It's up to Austin to make sure that these families are taking care of these are America's families now and when they give the ultimate sacrifice store on the family loses a loved one in line It's up to us to remember. What the sacrifices that have been made on our behalf and that is what this weekend is about not about barbecues not about the about three day weekends and and no zoom calls this weekend but But most importantly About wreck remembering those who have paid the ultimate price for freedom and the reason we could have those barbecues reason. We can have a dinner with our friends and our families is because the sacrifices people have made on behalf of our country at Jeff. How Long Jeff Cathy? How long have you been Bankamerica about a dozen years? I finished up a twenty nine year career in the navy and up in Washington. Dc actually work for secretary Fran Harvey for a little bit who was so instrumental in building the CFI out in San Antonio and and So it's just It's just been a tremendous Company joined Reich. You know when Recessionary period head and really unemployment for the veterans was quite high which with this pandemic is Gotten up there again up in double digits. So as Kim said you know they're they're a great way to support. The troops is for those coming back. Who Want to enter the workforce and join their communities and they done They're good service and an honorable way for the country and what better way to improve their financial lives and employees them properly and in really appreciate what they've done and experience that they bring and they I mean they can run big that they've got the talent they got their work ethic that got the attitude and that's why we percent. Jeff thank you for everything you do with bank America and with Brian Moynihan and Dick's of a minute convert duty for of veterans and about Bank of America. God bless America and Tony. Orlando up sir. You're out they're bringing people in and you do wonderful things. Both of us are missing. Good friends that we work together Bob Hope and built as he had fisher. What can I say I I used to eat with your dad. at Copy Yola Restaurant Twenty years ago thirty years ago and had been dad. We must say that he knew how to have fun. Oh Yes dad but so do you don't you? Let's add your brother. Steve Fisher worked very closely together. Happy happing helping POW and the intercity kids at the bank. You only thank you. Tony Thank you can and thank you for everything you do and continue to do and God bless America. John About American Bob. Hope you carry this. Carry the torch very well. Thank you sir. Active like appropriate at the end of the show at the end of the show. We all stand up when we play. God bless Barrick..

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