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You know it's kind of sad i think you're gonna find me on the old in seventeen unless i'm in some good giant sized hurry to get the airport or something like that then i think i might opt for it because there's some wonderful about meandering you know the tourism ireland's head campaigns jump into ireland lead ireland take you wherever with you know i would love to see them to me ends or through ireland's because that's really what you need to do and just meandering around mount falcon estate itself could take you a couple of days did you have that much on your grounds just give us a quick overview of what you find on the grounds itself of now falcon the state sure if they just put it better for your listeners m is just over 100 acres and it's entirely circled with uh with mature woodwind so it provides of serenity in terms of of the hotel is off the epi center and then i've developed to some lodges which are two three and four bedroom properties that people can rent for example for a week while they're here and uses the basic for the region so the the state of health is number activities obviously we that aspire ledgers enter old part of the hotel but the range of activities on to fight include archery claypigeon shooting we've got falconry we got crowd fishing and most him from a free we've got some interesting because there was a very famous river that runs through our property or code the river moi and it's one of our annoyance most prolific common rivers so where we just retained official right there for the benefit of our guests on our guest catch an average of sixty seven hundred firemen there a year i mean look mcgregor stephanie it said you know is that are getting can catch up russia cook it for dinner for them in the evening time so where you can transfer of the types of activities are available on friday here in the state you know how much miss you i just find that hearing your voice and having you talk about things that i can conjure up the realistic image of how wonderful and i really encourage my listeners get yourself to ireland and make sure that you are they at mount falcon which you will think died went to him.

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