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Worldwide good morning to old Tom Keane Elisa bramson Jonathan Ferro your equity market positive a quarter of 1% on the S&P 500 with your job's number Let's bring in Michael McKee Morning Mike What are you gonna bring me in but I can't bring you the jobs number yet because just came out now as I pop this up 531,000 is the number so a significant beat for the jobs numbers about 81,000 more than anticipated and certainly much more than the 194,000 reported in September The unemployment rate goes down by two tenths of a percent to 4.6% So that is the lowest post pandemic number of that we have had and it is good news for the Federal Reserve chairman The number that everybody wants to see is the participation rate and that comes in at 61 6 So that is unchanged from the month of September and it doesn't suggest that people are coming right back into the labor force Employment to population ratio which some people follow 58.8 that goes up a tick from the previous month Looking at unemployment rates for the various minority groups black or African American is at 7.9 that's no change Asian 4.2 no change Hispanic or Latino goes down to 5 9 from 6 three so a big move there So those are the immediate moves in these numbers that we're looking at that the fed is putting a lot of emphasis on And then looking at the establishment data in terms of who got jobs where the manufacturing numbers come in up by 12,000 Up by 60,000 for manufacturing constructions up 44,000 So some significant hiring in those categories which are generally higher paid Let's take.

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