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Which is happen repeatedly in Ohio releases into the back in the Clermont county weighed when. how disappointed how disgusting would that be because we've had governors in the state that have released convicted cop killers because it was unfair to keep them locked up the governor still has the power to commute the sentence of weighed when and how would you respond to that. what about what you're discussing result that's not even a question on that what will be we ought to have a final decision this was the final decision it should be changed later on we made the decision based on the fact that it will be a final decision but it got life without parole. in years consecutively for somebody to change over time what we just overall and jet judicial process. no question vents very good job I'm kind of with you on conservative principles but when I look at all the situations over the last many years and decades since we don't have in this state a functioning death penalty and since those being punished for this heinous act weighed when specifically in you fully investigated it to make sure others run helping him and you discover there was no one else involved just him he needs to spend the rest of his life in prison is now twenty four hopefully it'll be fifty to sixty years of unspeakable well problems that he has imprisoned reflecting upon what he did if we had a functioning death penalty that would be completely different we do not Texas has a functioning death penalty Ohio does not so as a consequence you take the best you can do with what you got most important thing you said is that Jamie brewer and the all the coppers all agreed and therefore it has to be what it is but I I know that the way things are in America today at some point they'll be a movement to empty out the jails of those without possibility of parole because it's unfair the pope is called for that to happen they ought to worry about is difficulties but none the less than the the pope is called for it and some point is gonna be Liberal Democrats in charge of Columbus and they can commute any sense they want to commute and may god have mercy on the soul of the governor that would set free weighed when the fence fares we gotta go we'll do it again and thank you very much for coming on the bill Cunningham show thank you very much thank you Sir god bless America let's continue with more your reaction five one three seven four nine seven thousand pound seven hundred the new eighteen T. plus I'm gonna get your reflections on the day were Moses left the building the hall of Famers gone yeah in a sense watched his funeral as a live person believe it or not Marty Brennaman is not dead he's gonna still gonna be seen around town to still be here every now and then we'll get your reflections what went right what went wrong it was all orchestrated by Toni Bender and is getting quite a bit of compliments today so let's continue with more bill coming in the great American lives over the red. believe it or not they play tonight once. they get out of tonight at six ten but lance McAllister newsradio seven hundred WLW..

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