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Now. The thing is anyone can do this. We've had companies. We've had departments and the government of Canada take on love. We had companies with five people. Take on love week and we want to make it easy for you guys. Just Google Youtube. You will find tons of videos directly explain how to bring this into your company and again productivity will go down by two hours every day right. You're literally telling you employees to take away two hours. They're working time and spend it appreciating each other but what you will find is that the ripple effect for that will cause a boost and engagement and productivity that last the next year it is amazing. How incredible this works so remember this study? If you can allow people to become close friends with their workmate. It is one of the single biggest things you can do to boost engagement now. Another aspect of this idea of quitting connection is is what we call frequent appreciation right. Richard Branson said like flowers flourish on water people flourish on praise. Now I know this sounds fluffy so I thought what I bring in some signs what I'm GonNa play for you. Guys is a three minute video by psychologists and scientists Sean Acre on on the power of appreciation. Now this is a two minute exercise that Sean is advising companies to do. Basically he says manages to the company show up they take an I phone. They set a timer for two minutes and in that two minutes and this is the first thing they have to do when they start their job. They write an email appreciation to another person in the company. When the two-minute ends they hit send? That's it two minute. Exercise by Sean Acre now check out what Sean Kosice about what this has done for from Nassif corporations and just have an open mind because there's hokey and fluffy as it sounds this signs happiness. Maybe a choice but it requires some effort on our part and I think it requires effort both at the individual level but also I think those busted owned companies. Those of us that lead other people. I think that we have. It's just a moral obligation but a business obligation to make sure that the people on our team aren't positive state. I think the individual level one. Thanks we've found huge success with it. is we started having individuals each day. The managers ofttimes lead us. Oh what we'd have people do at facebook we have people do a nationwide insurance. US We had and every morning when the gun to work. The very first task they had to do. For Twenty one days row was to write a single to positive email praising or thanking one person that they know simple two minute positive so it could be something as simple as like you so much for helping me with my work yesterday or it could be something meaningful like. You're the reason why I come into work each day. You're you're my best friend here or it could be you know. Thank you so much for covering for me when I had so much work going on the other day but each one those moments with that person is doing is. They're providing providing craze to somebody else and they do it for three days road they get addicted to it. They how mazing they are for reading that email. It's morning and people start reading most back. About how grateful grateful that they are the real value is twenty one days later if we come back in and test the group the desert if somebody did for twenty days row it turns out that their social connection score is in the top four tile social connection so a simple two minute habit each day moved them exactly where people want them to be within the studies which least Nali loves happiness for promotion productive energies sales. All things every business outcome we know how to test for so we did this a nationwide insurance. We're working with the president of nationwide brokerage solutions Russians Gary Baker. WHO said he was a numbers guy? He said I thought happiness research was fluff and showed him the numbers. And we've been doing these organizations so allowed us to do this intervention mentioned this team we did a couple interventions but they think that this was the most powerful one over the next eighteen months they had a fifty percent rise in their revenue which is crazy two hundred thirty any seven percent increase. Yeah that's the incredible part. Two hundred thirty seven percent increase in application rates. Google flew out. See what they're doing. They're pharmaceutical company. Client it came out to see how they're running their call centers. They start taking people off of their phones. He saved for ten minutes so that they can actually have an opportunity to praise one another to check in on a success may have had switched leader each day. They call them. Idols turns out that they went from six hundred. Fifty million nine hundred fifty million in a single year with no new ars which was a nominal. Isn't that data amazing and by the way Shawn Acre. Wrote the book happiness advantage. He's a Harvard scientists. This this was an actual experiment nationwide insurance and how many of you think that you could spend two minutes a day writing an email so this is such a powerful idea. I cannot. You've been expressed. How amazing this is now? I had a bit. I use WHATSAPP because we communicate a lot not teams using WHATSAPP. And I leave an audio message or use emoticons but you can do it in any way you want. It's about the feeling of appreciation. So that was concept number two social connections now. Sean did say something there. He said when people start doing this they rise to the top twenty five percent wattle over company in terms of social activities score. This is a measurement that Harvard uses to identify who what the people in the company that typically get rated kindness the friendliest most supported it's called social connections score. Like if you look at people like either Lancia right really high social connection score. He is here helping and supporting so many people now. What the Harvard study found? Is that people who are in that top twenty five percent of social connection score. Aw Forty percent more likely to get a race than anyone else. Forty percent more likely now when they've found that they did this experiment with the two-minute appreciation. That people who are doing that immediately within one month they go to twenty five percent wattle. So not only. Are they making their peers happier indirectly based on Harvard data. They just created a forty percent better chance of them getting race. It's fascinating but sometimes because it's so easy we don't do it. And we bring bring in these high priced business consultants strategy consultants not realizing that sometimes a two minute practice. That you can bring into a company can cost that company to go from six hundred eleven fifty million to nine hundred and fifty million. It's all about culture folks. It's all about the people now. We'll go onto third point which I really am excited about in. Its call infuse meaning so human being goal driven organisms. This means that one of the things that makes us separate from animals is that we chase goals and and it seems to be healthy for us to chase these goals. As long as we're not tying happiness to the goal that the happiness is part of the journey Japan has some of the longest is leading people in the world and when I spoke to Jason Proud he said meaning is so keen. Crucial to everything in Okinawa. which is another one of the blue zones now in Japan? There's this concept called IKI Guy and icky Guy. It's a beautiful model of how to give people a reason for being IKI guy translates to reason reason for being the closest English word we would have to be meaning but what we find. Is that when you bring these elements into work. Passion Mission Vocation Profession. Having people do what they love do what the world needs do what they can be paid for and do what they're good at you give them meaning. So here's why this is important. Another Gallup study found that men who retire at eighty eighty six percent kept working because they found their work fun but ninety three percents kept working because they found on their work meaningful meaning directly seems to translate to longevity to longevity at the job to these people continued working into get eighty s because they found their job meaningful. So how do you do this right. WELP SALIMA SMILE in his book exponential organizations coined the phrase called all the massive transformational Corpus. And it means companies that have an empty p a massive transformational purpose to make the world better they attract the best minds. They create the best motivation in the job. They create the highest rates of productivity because they give people meaning seed. See the problem with most people. Is that the problems. Aren't big enough the problem that most people as they're trying to figure out. How do I lose this extra fat man? What is up with that guy who never texted me back these are tiny problems but the takeaway from people's true power and potential? So if you're running a company what you WANNA do is gift people bigger the problems to solve. Can you solve clean water for planet earth. Can you help improve human education. Can you help create healthier children. What problem are you trying? I just saw with your company. This guy does it remarkably well. Elon Musk and in a study of Silicon Valley workers the people who rank meaning as the highest in terms of their jobs jobs are the people who work for SPACEX and Tesla Number One and number two both companies run by Ilan. Must now if you listen to how Elon Musk talks you you can see what he's doing. He infuses everyone with a massive transformational purpose. That picture was taken when me and Jim Quick went to spacex to have a private audience with Ilan muster around thirty of us over there and we asked him what is spacex about now spacex is essentially a rocket company that is a trucking company for the International Space Station. They take parts to put satellites up but to build things that international space station. And it's a trucking company that vertically sense truck up a payload at ill on this and talk about that he doesn't talk about. Oh we send payloads into space. He said my goal is to make mankind in interplanetary species. Because you never know when and the next asteroid is GonNa hit planet and wipe us out just like you backup your hard drive. Backup humanity on Mars and he went on to say this this. I don't know when it's going to happen. I'd say ten years in ten years we can start a colony on Mars. It was twenty fifteen when he said this and he also said this he says you know I'm known and to be over-optimistic with time notice. He's speaking about something so powerful it rallies his troops. He doesn't have a clear the timeline of when it's going to happen. They don't yet know how to get to Mars. That they know that they are going to figure it out but even though he is not there yet. It's more than ten years away. When he talks about his company? He talks ten years in the future and that rallies the employee's a key idea I learned from speaking speaking to people like Peter. Diamond is speaking people like Elon. Musk is when somebody asks you what Your Company does when you're telling that story to prospective hires..

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