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Million is short one eight eight. Five five that's run cards. Yeah. This is Brian from bend, Oregon. Hey, Brian was no Brian from Ben Ben Ryan been Doran. What's up Bri? I've got a dilemma I have two different ways to drive to work. One way is up takes about ten miles. I go through five traffic lights, the busy traffic and that way takes about twenty minutes. I have this other way to drive to work, which is about seven miles. No traffic lights. It's on a deserted set of roads. In one of the road stretches. The roads is a dirty mud to ride. The roads about a mile with Philip potholes, mud hose wash boards and a single Laney. Need a four wheel drive vehicle. Yeah. The difference between the two routes is about five minutes. If I take the short route that's five minutes faster, and they're in a much more scenic way to go, my wife, drives the long way, and I drive this short way. She she also has a sport utility. We have to sport utility vehicles minds eighty five Land Cruiser, and I'm wondering what damage if any of my. Causing to my car by going twenty to thirty miles an hour on very rough road. Do you take this road every day every day and does your wife take take the other one every day? She takes what an awesome opportunity for research. See I would I would run out be eligible for grants..

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