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It 42. North Georgia's News talk w D U N Getting the latest on sports. Caleb back with US a service and Howard Brothers, outdoor Power and hardware. Thanks, Bill In high school basketball. Yesterday, the East Hall girls fell the Cedar Shoals 35 29 games. They lost the West for sight. 63 25 Lincoln County beat Dawson County, 68 to 33 Jefferson beat Madison County 70 to 35 on the boy's side. Gainesville beat West for Seif 59 52 Chester TB, FLOWERY Branch 67 to 53 Dawson County beat Lumpkin County 96 73. Can. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Holmes is still in the NFL's concussion protocol after a hit he took in Sunday's divisional round win over Cleveland. Reports say Mahomes has cleared some steps of the protocol, but it's still unclear if he will be cleared to play in the A S C championship game against Buffalo this Sunday. And Hall of Fame pitcher and longtime Atlanta Braves broadcaster Don Sutton died yesterday at the age of 75. Sutton was a four time All Star and pitch for the Dodgers, Astros, Brewers, athletics and Angels. He had a career record of 3 24 and 2 56, and he retired in 1988. You can find more sports and access Wdun. Here's something bit odd. I find this Icelandic If I find this hard to believe or not, I think I actually believe this. Check this out. See if you fall in this category, but you don't I bet you don't 52% of Americans say they have never deleted anything from their devices. Really? Yeah. So how much old information you think sitting out there on a smartphone? Well, they found out of 52% of us have never deleted files, aps or anything from our devices. I'm guessing maybe folks, you're just scared to do it. I don't know. How is that possible? I run out of space. I know he gets jumped up. And after a while me that my last phone was like that. Well, not as much now because they've made more memory on the newer ones. But yeah, But my last phone was like, then had tons of memory. I am putting a chip in it, you know? Ah, little SD card. Really? Yeah. And and having the overflow on that and then finally got the cloud business going on with the photos. That's what I was having so many of his photos people take photos and never delete him. Yeah photos and the videos of the big ones. Those air huge files now here's what I find really hard to determine are hard to believe them. 33% a 3rd 33%. Said they have files on their phones or other devices. That are 10 or more years old. Good Lord. Now, I don't know that they can't be on their phone. This tin you anybody out there? Have a phone That's 10 years old. I'm looking right now. The oldest photo that I have on my phone is about seven years old. Okay, That's the oldest. Thing I have on my phone. Well, my phone was upgraded this past year in fall of 2020 so, but I've got this thing set up on mine now where I can I My photos all over uploaded to the cloud. So you know, I can delete him off the phone and they don't delete off the cloud unless you go to the cloud. Tell it, So I don't have that many on my phone because I just let him upload them to lead him. So I'm trying to be better because before I had all over 2000 Good lord. How many do you have in yours? That you might be surprised. That's a good question. I haven't checked. I've got 240. Wow. No. See, I actually go through and delete focus A zoo, you know. Working here. I have a lot of photos that are from me going out on site reporting on stories, things like that. So it's a story that I covered from a month ago in a council meeting or something I'm like. I usually go back and clear photos pretty regularly. You're better about it than I am. On my last meal. I said almost 2000. We did a thing one morning. How many do you have on your phone? And I figured a couple 100 that time had 1800. So was in fact.

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