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Great she's come from happy cows have accounts come from California right it's a Sampedro markets where do they really have happier house in California is that she's really better is it all just a big ad campaign let's find out what people in California think about their cheese verses are cheese I mean come on we make almost twice as much cheese as they do there's no way they're cheese can be better there's no way that house and be happier seriously let's find a is it true that there's no snow right I was really happy probably a lot more sign get the snow factor is that what it is I mean we don't have any self what makes her happy really have here in California I don't know I'm sorry sure she is is good I grew up on a dairy farm with the she you don't discriminate do so by retail you Wisconsin he's is clearly better to use that may be true what we on the rectal as a California let it sounds like what the I said it made the switch I think you can learn to live which I can people from California please give it was hard to relieving the public market I'm gonna talk to one more person about cheese this guy's a connoisseur he's a foodie he knows she's got great taste great six talking to people about she's she's got these guys get freaked out I believe you thought you were up to no good yes she did you better believe that Wisconsin she's clearly better cheeses and the people were talking about here it's barely even she's the calls Hauser vegan here the different animal altogether impossible foul up yeah yeah I was going to detail of that great without the cheese is made in Wisconsin and we know some of the people in the territories of the surgeon I like a good farm aid center that's a favorite of mine like the white spongy fuses yeah like a good block of parmesan I'm a sharp cheddar guy I love fair Kenner but our keys clearly the better cheese let's get on your knees before we're about yeah producer Mary thank you so much for putting it together Cena Lionel Richie was in town for big concert pass it last summer the last song on his plate was was made but I've no idea hello is it free you're looking good this sorry about that I'll take our.

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