Facebook, Google, President Trump discussed on Reset



Truly top of mind for them. Many of them are angry and we're seeing kind of employees uprising like we'd never seen before it. FACEBOOK, facebook, actions or lack thereof are even more stark since twitter labeled similar post from trump with A. A warning about the violent content so on Monday over four hundred facebook employees staged virtual walkout so they all logged off their work platforms. They changed their avatars on their communications tools to a raised fist and solidarity with the black lives matter protests, and they use this as a time to push leadership to reconsider their views on I'm not fact checking in not moderating trump so four hundred employees out of facebook's more than forty thousand employees. What was the organizational makeup of that group where they entry level employees or top engineers? It's mostly rank-in-file from what I'm seeing reconciling years product designers, but we have seen some for the first time. Senior level employees meaning directors of product management director of product design these are relatively high ranking people within the ORG, and we are seeing them post publicly on twitter in solidarity, the head of product designed for facebook's Newsfeed Ryan, Freedus, tweeting quote mark is wrong, and I will endeavour in the loudest possible way to change his mind.

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