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For the first time in Illinois election history. The Illinois national guard at the Thompson center, Andrea darlas, WGN news. We'll check your sports, traffic and weather. Did you hear the news metro PCS is now metro by t mobile now, you get new plans with unlimited high-speed data all month long, all on the T mobile network. Check out the new metro by t mobile today and discover the smarter way to get unlimited metro by T mobile. Genius during congestion, the fraction of customers using greater than thirty five gigs per month may notice reduce speeds and metro customers may notice reduce speeds versus on T mobile customers. Video streams at forty p coverage not available in some areas. See store for details and terms and conditions. This is firefighter Raphael. Poor yet for firehouse subs. Introducing the new firehouse pub stakes up with savory stay crispy fried onions and are rich Belgian beer cheese sauce on tap. For a limited time. Order yours at firehouse subs dot com. Remember a portion of every sub you buy helps somebody by lifesaving equipment for I responded firehouse subs. Joy more subs. Save more lives. Limited time only. Plus tax participating locations. Firehouse. Subs will donate a minimum one million dollars in two thousand eighteen for firehouse subs public safety foundation by donating point one three percent. Every purchase with twenty five percent off all new and up to seventy percent. I'll previously lease furnishings. Do you really need a better reason to party? We don't think so come visit our new court furniture clearance center with more than nine thousand square feet of new and previously lease furniture and decor for your home and office so fast from one thousand nine hundred ninety nine bedrooms. That's from three ninety nine ninety nine dining sets from two ninety nine ninety nine and more. And fun all weekend long at our Tanjile court furniture clearance center at one three nine four six Lee Jackson memorial highway or go online at court Clarence furniture dot com..

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