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Say and their upcoming Asia Pacific and Japan Conference. Our guest today is Rsa. President Roh a guy with a preview of his conference keynote. Reality Check Cyber Security's story. The theme for the conference this year is the human element and I'd afflicted on what it is. That makes Suman you know I think the unique trade that humans have is that a storytelling species and as such I reflected on what the story of the cybersecurity industry is, and what impact it has in terms of the future of the industry, so that's sort of the thought process that led me do taking a storytelling perspective to the industry and the domain of cyber security. Can. You give us a little bit of a preview of some of the things you're planning to talk about. Absolutely the framing of the all talk. A story ARC equals to use the word. Is I talk about? I set it up I in terms of. Human Element being a theme for Cybersecurity, and why the human element is important, and the net of it is that while we obsess so much about the technology infrastructure that we are looking to protect in the cyber world. Intrinsically this is a very human john or we protect at the end of the day is the trust that we as humans have on technology and data. That's the end of the day will on our mission. So I. Think just framing the mission from a humanistic glance is the first thing that that I hit on? Next what I sit you know. The story on comprises of three episodes of will talk about the story. Be had in the industry. The story we have in terms of how we are, we are story today and close out with staying the story. We want germs hall. We should tell our story because way in my view the way you'd change. The few fugitive changed the world. Is, to, tell the story that you want to. I don the story. The story comes first the future. You Know I. IT strikes me that many of us together for the conference in San Francisco earlier this year, and and for imagine most of us. That was the last big. Get together that many of us had that was the last opportunity for the industry to really get together, and so much has changed in just a few months, since then I imagine that that must have played into your your thoughts. Here's. You were putting this presentation. Presentation together, absolutely indeed, it was top of mind, and you know the way I needed into. The story is like a block to a every great story has a blocked to as boy. We have a block to us in the last few months. Who would have thought at right on the heels of the San Francisco show the conference? We would all be Gordon. Dean shuttered ablaze, and and and of the world going through what has gone through. What I've reflected on my talk is some key learnings. What have we learnt through this global Amick that we've all been living through? And I've tried to draw inspiration you know in terms of those learnings into field of Cybersecurity, so that's sort of the overall flow of the talk that I. Intend to give. That's RSA President Rohit Guy. The RSA Asia Pacific and Japan Conference Kicks Off July Fifteenth. Freddie Mac the US Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation has disclosed data-breach. It's apparently a third party incident. Borrowers whose loans were serviced by one of Freddie Mac's due diligence. Vendors have received letters warning them of the breach. And Canada's Department of National Defence is continuing its investigation of last week's hacking incident. RMC The Royal Military College of Canada the Kingston Ontario College. That's the equivalent of the US. Military Academy at West Point or Britain's Royal Military College. At Sandhurst, the department of National Defence has said all early indications suggest this incident resulted from a mass phishing campaign. The financial, Post cites sources at the college is saying it was a ransomware attack. MC. Soft told the financial post that assuming it was ransomware. The gangs responsible were probably either d'appel payment or net walker, both of which steal data before they encrypt drives and submit their ransom demand net walker tends to add its victims to its public list, and then remove them once they begin negotiating payment, whereas d'appel paymbers style is not to disclose its victims until they refuse payment. Given that RMC hasn't shown up on anyone's list of victims yet. They're betting its d'appel Palmer. The Department of National Defence said that certain systems of the Canadian Defence Academy the Umbrella Organization for Canadian Military Education were also affected, but the locus of the attack was RMC who's networks have remained offline as a precaution. No classified information. The department says is at risk..

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