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This sunscreen wow i'll get into the details there are more details because at first glance we're being told because people wear sunscreen in the beaches that you're killing coral reef and other natural environmental elements and that's what we're being told i've just simply don't buy into this you're going to tell me that that sunscreen is killing the reefs the voluminous proportion between the amount of the chemical versus the aqua the dilution therein the tides etcetera and you're telling us that you've got a ban sale distribution of sunscreen now i know oxy ben zone and other chemicals are specifically cited but the bottom line is really more details on that other bills that are making their way through and you're dialed in together to the recommended program traffic earlier accident on the pali clear from blake fastly traffic center pali highway those still a little slow moving for us especially with the what conditions out there to drive carefully h on eastbound from the west side still slow just after kunia into wikipedia each one eight to middle street merge bumpertobumper down to put a hole and eastwood who traffic still a little slow going there kalani high school to university.

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