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Is 6 48 And I was expecting him to magically start speaking by yourselves We're all delayed today And in buoy a northbound traffic on route three O one is certainly still slow but the crash investigation that lasted about four hours on three O one north near governors bridge road Well it's clear and all lanes are now open on three O one northbound at governor's bridge road bay bridge bound traffic on route 50 still slow from the bush's frontage road exit to the eastbound span of the bridge no contra flow today on the westbound span because of the windy conditions All around the beltway no crashes congestion slowly easing but still have a both loops near landover and toward the legion bridge There is a crash on river road near burdett road and in Dale we got one stopped eastbound on little river turnpike just inside the beltway at Hummer road It was in the right lane The crash on 66 westbound near route 50 is clear westbound delays have quickly eased 95 for the late getaway southbound traffic still slowing at the Anka Kwan but slowest at aquatica through Stafford towards centerport Parkway northbound drivers in the stop and go out of spotsylvania county toward Fredericksburg and in stretches heading into the marine base and from down freese audit off toward woodbridge newington and Springfield Things have calmed down quite a bit at the route three O one nice Middleton bridge For over 40 years gutter helmet has helped homeowners eliminate clogged gutters for a limited time save 20% with no money down interest or payments until 2023 8 at 8 5 helmet Dave dildine WTO traffic Storm team four is Brianna Berman solo is with us a lot of holiday plans this weekend How do we look Well we're looking great for the next couple of days here very mild of course right now what we're experiencing is.

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