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With douglas vivianne any and david cohen excuse me thank you tell us wessels allergy that that you tell me that the naval base in alameda the didn't tell me locally are wessels luke the answer to that i think it's passed late in alameda that's what i say me over the old is new again you're back talking in which in having some fun with the wall to caning that's a clip from if you don't know the voyage home just piggybacking their little bit upon our discussion last segment and talking about the comedic element of chekhov in the voyage home i dunno i heard in a thing i get the feel that the voyage home one of your favorite of star trek project so no it was it was my favorite project know were exact that would be written for the character couple of that were primarily my working with somebody other than the crew they even rotary portugal running across the rich that was one of my favorite wall tell you i was at a convention years ago in los angeles when i lived there in the day is i'm just going to place this probably around 1988 and i had you sign a script of the voyage home and i asked you to i'll be careful mix it's time and do you kinda looked at me is what the heck what does that as well because of course chekhov had his problems running and falling and and getting into trouble chogm and and i think that's you talk you but also with the scenes where you were on the prize and interacting with other characters other than the crew were using i have no idea whatever you say how it was interesting had fun to work on the voyage home in that you had the opportunity work with other characters on the set i should say on this on the locations we're at war gone nowhere the written robin rorick will that of course you know remember i'll just saying that that that was my silly reference of i had asked you to sign my scripts with that and i certainly have that still to this day on the table years we speak just just a little piece of my paraphernalia the or collectible that i that i have the anyway you denied sacred the.

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