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Anyone who's religiously listened to every episode will remember that? I gave you a kitchen house plant tour back in episode thirty eight, but as I tend to do a loss of the plants have moved around an about. And so I thought I'd bring you a number two of that area. Plus, some of my son room plants and bonus I'm going to be putting a video on YouTube, which will show exactly what I've got as well as talking about them. And where do you find me on YouTube, well, quite simply on YouTube dot com forward slash Jane Perron. But for the moment for the delight of your ears only, his me in my kitchen. I hope that my dose it tones manage to drown out the background noise of the passing rubbish lorry the dog and the clock ticking Housley, so you can focus on me talking about my plants. So one of the great things about this kitchen is all its north facing. The big belks window in the roof and another window or the back and an open doorway to the sun rooms this tons of light coming in the back of the kitchen. So it's a great place for growing so many plants, and as you can imagine I take full advantage of that. So on the window sill. I've got one of a five streptococcus growing the minute. They just at the end of their flowering period now. So they're starting to look impressive than they have done. But they just keep going and going and going these are big plants as you'll see if you watch the video do take off of these massive leaves if they get a bit miserable. Looking after awhile. And during the winter, they tend to go into a door period and stop flowering. But this is just the end of that peak period, and they really are easy to the cough. They just need water every couple of weeks when they get really dry and not be over water because that's the easiest way to make these fellows. Built and water way. I've also got to hanging containers on the wall. Now, the trouble I had getting these hung up is considerable which is why the bottom one is still a bit one. Keep because I den take it off dry to reattach it these are on Kia containers. I think shower caddies so they've got holes in the bottom. Now, I put some old rags in the bottom to make sure that no soil or water comes through to onto the fruit bowl below. But at this time of year, I've got found ops in these because it's too hot in the summer to have fun ops here. But in the winter, they are absolutely perfect getting lots of light, and they are in a nice area, humid environment. So they sit there quite nicely. Doing the thing. They should start to be flower fairly soon and every week or so I bring them down to give them a good watering. The other corner of the kitchen head over here. That's got the most plants is this shopping system, which used to be a doorway into the undiscovered. But is now a set of shows, and it's got a lot of plants on here in the minute talk. I've got a trough which contains three different plants. I was inspired by James warm to try this, and it's working really, well, so no drainage here and the pot is about twelve inches deep. I would say and it contains these plants and their watered probably about once every two weeks. If you underwater is not a problem, if you over water, you have got a problem when you've got no drainage on the left here. We've got a lovely poll Pelayo near records the watermelon. Begonia? I think it's called which is kind of crazy is not a Begonia is veteran plant is flowering them. Oh with this. Incredible spike taught with.

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