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Most economists did not especially prioritize shutting down schools. Universities and K through 12 schools. Each received one priority. 1st 1st priority vote apiece on Ly one. Right real quickly. What would make the economy look better or worse in 2021 next year? Care of economists who predicted that certain scenarios would increase or decrease GDP growth between the fourth quarter's 2020. In the early 2021 vaccine approved by Election Day. 50% said it be about the same, 50% said it would be substantially better the GDP, Democrats control the presidency and Congress. 0% said. It would be worse, 53% said it be about the same, and 47% said it would be substantially higher The GDP A few 12 classes are taught in person. 50 50 essentially, Biden winds, Congress stays the same. That happens, 94% economists say nothing will change. Trump wins Congress Day's the same 41% of the economists say things will be substantially worse. 59% said. Things will stay the same Trump wins. Congress stays the same. Election viewed his illegitimate 47%. Much worse. 50% the same. No additional stimulus by November, 60% say things will be much worse. 38% the same and 3% substantially better find all of that information is good stuff. School stuff, I think. At fivethirtyeight dot com. Comeback with Robert Benjamin, Duchess Dale will talk about a play.

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