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Two about a lot of money their steel mother people will rob their own brother college boards big business even before we get the college boards other levels of anger and youth sports big businesses while bottom line this week we have seen some serious federal charges as the corruption probe continues rick potato a laudable certainly the story of the day on wednesday but it's probably a safe this won't be whether story ends follow the money that was the roadmap that led woodward and bernstein in their watergate reporting there's follow the money which of course shouldn't be confused with this now it off all has to do with money that says espn analysts have greenberg is how we got to where we are in college basketball for a simple show me the model it's all about money it's all about the business of college basketball what money is the root if you follow the money you'll see the problem whether she companies are invested in these programmes runs the money coaches are making so they want to secure the best players let's not forget the players right because you know what also these players a cup of all as well because these players many of whom are asking to be rewarded there are asking for extra benefits so and the coaches are making obscene amounts of money to me the root of it is it all comes down to the cash are ultimately for rick pitino who has not yet officially been fired was not coming back a little void on it that's that's a secret anybody what's his legacy now i think he has to legacies of you think about repeal just purely as basketball coach gregg one of the greatest boscombe college basketball coaches in our time one national championships two different institutions he was an innovative 3point shot four court t fence the ability to elevate players were player development having in this moment in time what does his legacy if you google today what comes up yeah scandal and unfortunately that's the reality ten years from now when people are talking about rick pitino people will not talk about the national championships they're gonna talk about how he left the game under investigation basically challenging the sanctions.

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