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Lawrence. Here's Amy Lawrence humour brand new head coach is being introduced to the media and to their teams on Thursday, and these are the old guys, but you know, one of the themes here on after hours the old guys rock they bring wisdom and experience that you can't get just by being part of the Sean McVay coaching tree. And there is no shortcut to experience and wall. The NFL is going the other direction for the most part vote the Broncos and the buccaneers are stemming the tide and are going with the new head coaches in their sixties. What's old is new again? It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. I am so excited that Bruce Arians is back in the NFL as a coach I enjoyed having him on the CBS team. We had him on the show before the season kicked off. And he is a wealth of information. But he's. Calling is coach to be a coach at a leader of men is what Bruce Arians excels at. It's going to be a staff of fantastic teachers, we will have a large staff do things a little bit different and in spring when you guys come out OTA's, you'll see two practices going on because we'll have a staff that can take all our young players and get those forty to forty five reps that the veterans are getting you can't find a diamond in the rough of standing on the sideline watching. We don't know if a rookie can really learn the only gets three reps. So we're going to have those guys and we love young players. I love veteran players. But this is a great group. I think we have the core here to win quickly. I'm not about building about reloading, plenty of time to come up with a new plan to be ready to go when the opportunity presented itself because you know, broadcasting is not so taxing seriously, listen to this guy, if you're a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are you not ready to go, right? The second. Yes. Sign me up. This is going to be a new era for the bucks. It's after hours on CBS sports radio. He and Jameis Winston already have a relationship one. That goes back to Winston attending his camp. When when Winston was kiddo. So that's kind of neat and Aryan says he's fully committed to Jameis Winston that. There isn't a trial period. This isn't about deciding whether or not James can be the starting quarterback. In fact, Bruce said he should play with no pressure because he is the guy he just needs. Some more coaching any said James needs to be smarter. Again, the wheels already turning furiously for coach. Aryans as he puts his staff together. And he admits it was difficult to be in the booth because being in a broadcast booth even being around football is not the same thing as actually being in the trenches and on the sidelines. The thing I miss the most says I was in broadcasting if you haven't grown up in a locker room, you probably don't know what I'm talking about. But there's something about growing up in a locker room the bonds and the relationships that you build building a football team. The ups the downs. All the things that go in between. Probably is what is the thing. I love the most about the game. And then I missed the arena I'd be broadcast in a game. And obviously, I couldn't use the words. I would normally use on television. But the excitement kept building. Then when this opportunity came all the dominoes. I just like say the stars aligned. I'm so glad he's back. Jason light is his former general manager in Arizona. And so they are reuniting as well. And he tries to to explain what it is. That makes Bruce Arians. Great a coaching. You know, I think a little bit out.

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