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North on 95 way better a penn's landing approaching girard avenue north of center city several problems from earlier this morning with a couple of accidents and a broken tractor trailer all the way however we are seeing some delays north of this i suspect it may be some obstruction is north on ninety five regime from a pretty much allegheny to around bridge street and then south on ninety five although it's getting better though jan from bridge generally right on down the center city philadelphia take a look at the vine expressway into center city jam from 95 exit ramp and also from the end of the ben franklin bridge all the way across town to the schuylkill expressway other delays include the westbound schuylkill paschall gavin divine stubborn delay here and then beyond that is the boulevard out the past belmont avenue eastern the schuylkill expressway jammed the tools who on ramp and picks up some of them are four seventy six generally down to contra hawkin and the curve pass gladwin slow than jammed boulevard down to draw the rest of the way in south ample of what extension we're crawling now well approaching ninth street to south of broad street we have right lane closed slowmoving maintenance vehicles here at is south on the roosevelt boulevard extension update on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound direction jan fort washington approaching will grow of brokendown car in the left lane that's causing the delay and then westbound still backed up from well approaching will grow to four washington watch it getting off with the willow grove interchange we have construction south on six eleven to south of the exit coming off the turnpike blocking the right lane that's causing delays in western 420 two with slow approaching trooper from booby tweet 23 in trooper right lane closed a midday construction to three o'clock so plan ahead for that when expect delays to three that's all west than eastern 420 juice still jan hooks down to the trooper interchange any again is just left over from the rush hour wrapping up other things that below we talk about the extension abroad with the construction that ben franklin parkway as jan from front of the art museum over to logan's square we've down to one lane there with the continued construction in from new jersey but will way better.

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