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Seven central on ABC choreographer Toni Basil still has all the right moves at an age when many of us might prefer to sit out the dance with Christine Johnson let's try to keep up he was the cashier that climb the charts in nineteen eighty as a singer Toni Basil may be a one hit wonder but as a choreographers she's anything but consider the people the seventy six year old has worked with over a six decade career Miller David Bowie Tina Turner David Byrne the work ethic is extraordinary extraordinary show business was definitely in Tony thousands blood her mother was part of the family dance on the ed Sullivan show as father was an orchestra leader I think it was assumed by my mother and father I would stand on the side of that stage and they would have me do my chin maze my turns for every act that came in have the little girl turned on to the state at nineteen thousand wasn't Hollywood as an extra and dancers are in the screen debut she was arm in arm with Frank Sinatra a brief but memorable moments in viva Las Vegas Elvis Presley and hand Margaret we knew how he and was spectacular also but there was nothing like when you brought together magic ninety four she was the assistant choreographer on the Tammy show featuring the rolling stones the Supreme and the godfather of soul whose nose electrified what what is it with James Brown what did he have well no one ever took their eyes off of him there was something in this for a price and he organically would you choreograph the band and the chart live as it was going on this is what this is what an audience feels what's the matter Basil also has been in some big film with Peter Fonda in easy rider and her credits don't end there you may be surprised to know Basil has been the choreographer for American graffiti Peggy sue got married my best friend's wedding and legally blonde and most recently director Quentin Tarantino hired her to choreograph his Oscar nominated film once upon a time in Hollywood where she taught Leonardo di Caprio known as the but it wasn't that Toni Basil on the map it was and you were what thirteen whatever years all in all I was thirty nine when we were cool this is CBS news radio Toyota wants to make a big splash at the twenty twenty Olympics this is Jeff Gilbert what the court chronicles those Olympics are in Tokyo Toyota's marketing chief John lockers says eleven automated shuttles robots personal assistive isis and lots of different vehicles some of those vehicles will be powered by batteries some by hydrogen fuel cells you're gonna be able to chance to see a lot of this with the visionary stuff for mobility products as well as a complete demonstration with regard to our commitment to hydrogen and and all that and how that will play out adding to the pressure Toyotas president Akio Toyoda is chair of the Tokyo Olympics with the car chronicles I'm Jeff Gilbert CBS news when you go to CBS news radio Tony the couple with CBS news the city of parkland Florida is holding a moment of silence today to remember the victims of the mass shooting and Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school it was two years ago today that a gunman opened fire killing seventeen people now active shooter drills are conducted at nearly every American public school Vladimir Duce's here with how the nation's two largest teachers unions want to change the way these drills are carried out so what I want to change that's right Tony the national education association the American federation of teachers.

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